Matt Par was born and brought up in a small town in the Midwest. Motivated by the success of other YouTube channels, he uploaded his first youtube video at the age of 14 years old. At this age when kids used to watch YouTube, this guy made his own channel. He spent a couple of years learning what works and what doesn’t on the platform. By the age of 16 , he was generating $9,000 a month from his YouTube channel. Since then, he has expanded his effort to encompass multiple channels in different niches and that was the first silver feather in his hat.

Presently, Matt runs nine different YouTube channels that primarily make top 10 list videos. These encompass animation videos and other types of videos from a variety of niches.  He started a personal brand channel towards the end of 2018 and managed to get 7,000 subscribers in a matter of months. The channel initially had 20 videos and one of the videos got 166,000 views. This proves that his methods work for a variety of channels.

Matt’s goal was to not have to go to college and end up in a dead-end 9-5 job for the rest of his life. He knew there were other possibilities because he saw people on YouTube being able to travel full-time and making a living from their passions. Par took a slightly different approach than most YouTubers when he decided to pay other people to make the videos for him.

YouTube is an online platform with over 1.3 billion folks using daily to watch and enjoy videos. Over 300 hours of video are uploaded on this platform every moment, with over 30 million viewers per day checking on videos. With such enormous traffic, YouTube has evolved a basis of revenue for millions of YouTube population. There are main key ways to monetize YouTube which he has clarified in his newly launched free training program of how to boost your YouTube channel with 3 main phases that will clear all the doubts regarding leveling up your youtube. Eventually, Youtube is only getting on to proceed to accumulate in the fortune and the best time to commence is now or never. There are several paths to thriving and monetizing your channel today. So what are you waiting for? Just grab the pro tip from the proficient himself and grow your YouTube channel today.


  • I am professional blogger/writer, and have been writing as a freelance writer for various websites. Now I have joined one of the most recognized platforms in the world.