Matthew Ode

A life well-lived is a life full of conquered challenges and well-fought victories. Matthew Ode has had such a remarkable life so far, overcoming his monumental battle with cancer in the most difficult way yet coming out of it as a new man full of vigor and overall positivity. Matt is a true champion through and through, and he is using his experiences and his platform to help fellow cancer patients and survivors through their uphill battles.

Matthew Ode’s story begins as a healthy personal trainer, where  most of his friends and family would lean toward when looking for health advice. However, in August of 2016 tragedy struck when Matt woke up puking blood one night and doctors discovered an 11cm tumor in his small intestine. Later that day Matt was rushed to the Cleveland Clinic and diagnosed with stage 3C testicular cancer. It was at this point in time when things would start taking a turn for the worst.

After his diagnosis, Matthew underwent chemotherapy and a very complicated surgical procedure to remove the remaining cancer from his body. Things didn’t go as smoothly as one would expect, as he met multiple complications along the way.

What followed was  multiple surgeries to remove 7 liters of fluid out of Matt’s stomach, causing his kidneys and liver to shut down, forcing him into a 2-week non-induced coma. During this time, Matthew’s doctors weren’t sure when he would awake, while his family and girlfriend were informed that he would likely be on dialysis for the rest of his life. 

One week out of the coma, another major complication hit.  Matthew went into cardiac arrest where nurses had to perform eight minutes of CPR to bring him back to life. After an additional 1-week coma, Matthew had to relearn to walk and live his entire life again. Just as Matthew began making progress, another setback occurred where he was rushed in for a 5th major surgery that  developed a football size open wound on his stomach. After 40 days under watch and care in the ICU and an additional 53 days at Cleveland Clinic, Matthew was finally released from the hospital and on his road to recovery.

Before the diagnosis and the subsequent treatment, Matthew Ode as a personal trainer weighed in at 185 lb, but during his battle with cancer, within eight months, he dwindled down to a mere 110 lbs. 

Fortunately, Matthew was a champion and a dedicated survivor. Through his willpower and the amazing talents of the doctors and nurses who took care of him, Matthew survived the biggest challenge that he had ever faced. Four years later through intense recovery Matthew dedicates himself to helping other cancer patients and survivors get rid of the “why me” victim mentality and use their journey as an opportunity to learn, grow, and impact others along the way.

In 2016, Matthew Ode established his personal brand and organized his own event on Thanksgiving morning during Cleveland’s 5k turkey run called Mustaches For Matt. The event saw a massive turnout of over 400 supporters for Matt and his battle with cancer. Over time, the race event grew into something bigger than just his experiences with cancer. It grew into a community that brings awareness to other young adults impacted by cancer and helps them by means of hosting his very own charity 5k race.

“​It is my hope that I can coach others through the depths of their health challenges and even further aid them in overcoming hurdles so they can bounce back greater than before,” explains Matthew Ode. Recently, Mustaches For Matt partnered up with the Ulman Cancer Fund to raise awareness of the diseases that affect young adults worldwide.

Furthermore, Matthew has also utilized his personal brand to become a highly sought-after Keynote Inspirational Speaker, where he seeks to inspire other individuals and transform their mind, body, and spirit. He has spoken at various events in front of amazing crouds, inspiring them and spreading his message of positivity.

Apart from his personal appearances as a Keynote Inspirational Speaker, Matthew Ode also continues to inspire people in the digital space. He created a Cancer Facebook Group in October 2020 for cancer survivors, patients, and caregivers. In a span of three months, the group has already amassed over 2,000 members, which continues to grow to this day.

In the upcoming years, Matt sees himself building retreats while collaborating with top industries, organizations, and celebrities to help individuals through life’s most difficult challenges with a preface on mental health and guiding them to what is possible in life. 

Matthew Ode has become a wellspring of inspiration to other people. His story has touched the hearts of many people, and his vibrant personality has managed to captivate a wide audience. It’s clear to see that Matt is passionate about what he does, and he clearly deserves all of the love that he is getting back. 

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