Matthew Wunderli is the founder and CEO of Publisher Arts, a growing international media science company consulting within data, telecoms and media—bringing content platforms into the future by streamlining the processes and using predictive analytics to increase audience retention. As a charismatic leader, Matt has opened doors for his company in Singapore, India and the UK after he relocated from the US to the UK to launch a tech start-up business.

Matt’s first achievement was winning an Emmy award as a teenager for acting in an advertising spot produced and wrote by his father. Later, he started his career at NBCUniversal in Los Angeles. While there he noticed trends in OTT and digital streaming. With that knowledge, Matt left a big industry and started a digital streaming application dedicated to streaming action sports. Later, Matt helped co-found and launch various start-ups from data and analytics to tax help, one of which won the best software to consumer award. He’s built and run 2 different advertising agencies and advises and mentors other entrepreneurs.

The current coronavirus pandemic generated future concern for the Media’s ever-changing industry, including doubt about the creation and distribution of existing and new content. When asked if the pandemic would impact PA’s future, Matt stated: “that people wanted more content and more stories to connect with and to tighten the connection with family and friends, especially when they can’t physically be with them”.

Boundaries that once separated Telecommunications, Streaming, Entertainment and Media industries are rapidly disappearing. They now have more opportunity than ever before to progress with new partnerships, business models and new products as the growth of video streaming continues to explode. At the same time, an all-out streaming war is underway, as they battle for every subscriber, virtually every media company is looking to establish direct relationships with consumers.

Providers now have an opportunity to offer highly customised packages of content that, in addition to video, could include streaming of music, sports and games. Acquisitions and mergers will most likely continue to deliver other opportunities for media companies to improve their content libraries.

Lack of competition in regard to the telecommunications broadband market and low rural broadband access are two of the most commonly discussed topics among governing organisations and customer forums. However, new integration of technologies like 5G fixed wireless and satellite internet may be a game-changer.

Major networks and studios will continue to instigate their own direct-to-consumer streaming services, whilst competitors rush to provide a wide range of content libraries to attract and retain customers. The biggest opportunity right now and the most important priority for lots of companies to bear in mind is that consumers need simplicity.

Publisher Arts has already analysed relevant data from multiple sources to give you a better understanding of what subscribers want and adds critical external resources; uncovering new, deeper insights, new angles, better segmentation, and behaviour analytics.

PA goes beyond personalisation, looking to critical resources for more information and what personalisation means to your customers. They also reduce churn by being hyper-responsive to what your subscriber wants. Their proprietary domain tagging dataset allows detailed customer behaviour fingerprinting.

Unlike competitors’ datasets, the PA dataset uses a taxonomy appropriate for the entertainment industry. Publisher Arts exists to help you leverage external data and create the right strategies to satisfy the demands of this shifting environment knowing you have made the right investment for your digital future.

Matt’s dedication, determination and innovative mindset will help him successfully change the media landscape.