I had the pleasure of interviewing Max Hirsch. Max Hirsch is the Founder of Hirsch’s Everyday Essentials. Max has 10+ years experience in the consumer packaged goods and fashion industries. A Senior Account Executive for denim conglomerate J Brand Jeans. Formally the CMO of The Pergament Lohas Fund, a New York City based venture capital fund.

Thank you so much for joining us! Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path?

While I was attending Marymount Manhattan College in New York City I met a young woman by the name of Sasha Rudes, who now is one of my closest friends. At the time Sasha’s father Jeff had created one of the hottest denim companies in the world, J BRAND. I was given the opportunity to work as an intern for J BRAND. This was the start to my career path in the apparel and consumer packaged goods industries. To my advantage, I was always interested in both these fields and was happy to land a position at the company. I eventually worked my way up to the executive assistant to the Men’s DIrector of Sales and from there to a Senior Account Executive. Fast forward twelve years later and now I have founded my own company HIRSCH’S EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS.

Can you tell us a story about the hard times that you faced when you first started your journey?

Diving into a new experience is always challenging, especially in a city like New York. I was eighteen years when I moved to New York City and I was nineteen years old when I began my journey with J BRAND. Let’s just say that I was a bit intimidated and scared! I was young, driven, and I knew that in order to live the “NYC” lifestyle, I had to work and go to school at the same time.

Where did you get the drive to continue even though things were so hard?

I always knew that with every hardship I experienced that it was just a learning lesson. I knew failing at times was just part of the game. I approached all my work with relentlessness. I just never gave up!

Can you share a story about the funniest mistake you made when you were first starting? Can you tell us what lesson you learned from that?

Wearing Levi’s to my job at J BRAND JEANS.. Always represent properly and dress the part.

If you could go back in time and talk to your younger self regarding life lessons, things you would like her to know what they would be and why?

Always stay calm, cool, and collected. Listen first then talk. That’s the best way to do business.

What do you think makes your company stand out? Can you share a story?

Hirsch’s Everyday Essentials is an ultra — high quality product that is luxurious yet very affordable. Our candles also contain 100% All Natural & Organic ingredients. Whenever I would go to the store I would always find candles that looked so luxurious and cool! The problem was that they were too expensive and also contained harmful ingredients. I told myself that it was time to solve this problem. With the inception of HIRSCH’S we created products that look cool and feel luxurious while making sure that the ingredients were safe and clean to burn.

Which tips would you recommend to your colleagues in your industry to help them to thrive and not “burn out”?

Exercise! I run three miles a day and lift weights. I always make sure to work out in the morning before I start my day. Staying healthy is just as important as having a successful business! HEALTH IS WEALTH.

None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are? Can you share a story?

I am grateful that I had the chance to work for Arthur J Pergament. Arthur taught me many lessons in life and in business. Most importantly, to keep working until you reach your goal no matter what. Also, that no mountain is too big to climb. Arthur also taught me how important it is to be organized, be able to communicate what you want properly, and never take no for an answer.

What are your “5 things I wish someone told me before I started my company” and why? Please share a story or example for each.

  1. Make sure you are properly capitalized — Being capitalized allows you to scale your business and market.
  2. Have a business plan — You have to have a plan in place in order to “stick to the plan”. Don’t fly blind.
  3. Focus on selling one type of product — It’s easier to promote and get known for one type of product. Expand afterwards.
  4. Make sure your idea solves a problem — If you solve a problem you position yourself in the market. You create value.
  5. Make sure you can scale your business

You are a person of great influence. If you could start a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger. 🙂

The power of positive thinking. If only everybody understood that you can get to your fullest potential by just thinking positive! Manifesting good vibes, and seeing the potential opportunity in whatever is presented to you. #THEPOWEROFPOSITIVITY.

How can our readers follow you on social media?

You can find us on Instagram! @GETHIRSCHS