Dreaming Big

Maxime Pierre is a 23 year old entrepreneur who has achieved exceptional success. Just from the outside looking in, though, a lot of people may not know that he actually placed a lot of his hope and dreams as a kid, in the sport of football. After playing in a training center in a professional club, Maxime had several huge health problems that led him to years of extensive recovery. Finally, at the age of 18, he decided to shift his focus to network marketing where he built teams of tens of thousands of people and millions of sales. There’s no doubt that Maxime’s background in football developed him into an exceptional leader at a very young age.

Making a Difference

The obsession Maxime has with his business is exactly the type of drive and passion it takes to build something successful that lasts and affects the lives of countless others. When asked how his business helps others: “My business allows everyone to learn how to manage their money. Financial education is, in my view, the most important thing but not taught everywhere. We want to develop everyone’s knowledge and beliefs about money.” 

“Secondly, people can be helped by explaining to them that, after having a good financial education of their own situation, a budget can be allocated to different investments to make it grow. Learn how to make money with money, learn the compound interests and the potential of investment in general when you are well informed. We also train people in entrepreneurship, if they want to acquire clients or build teams, how to manage them, how to grow others.”

Growing For The Future

“To continue to grow, I must continue to grow.” Maxime says. 

“To do this, I work on my own areas of personal improvement. I learn languages other than my native language, French, so that I can expand internationally. The key is to continue the actions that have allowed us to get there, even to accentuate them and make themselves more known. People need to know what we are proposing, that is my mission.

It’s obvious just from speaking with Maxime that his passion and plan for sustainable business is built around his love for helping people. 

Advice To Newcomers

We asked Maxime what his advice would be to someone just starting out in the industry, to which he replied, “I’d tell them to have fun and be patient. Nothing is done without pleasure and you can’t work a lot without passion. Then, not to be too rushed, success will come when it is ready. Work is just to become ready.”


  • Johnny Medina

    Branding Expert-Business Consultant

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