Leaders understand that their employees and team members are critical in running a successful business. In doing so, it is important to make sure that your employees are happy and satisfied; when the employees are happy, productivity will increase tenfold.

With productivity being front and center in the workplace you will soon notice the increase in customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and a better opportunity for growth. There is a direct correlation between employee satisfaction, morale and engagement and workplace productivity.

How do you ensure that employee productivity maintains the center of your business moving forward? Executives share strategies to ensure employee productivity stays at the forefront:

Maintain Constant Effective Communication

It is essential to make sure that the line of communication between employees and company leadership is always open past the deadlines. Staff members want to make sure that they can ask questions and be heard anytime throughout the company. C-Suite executives that optimize their communication efforts into more effective forms of communication will result in increased productivity, efficiency and overall morale within the organization.

Nikki N. Klugh, owner and principal designer of Nikki Klugh Design Group, Inc. explains, “Team members do not want to be bombarded with emails and long meetings, but instead, utilize other social networking options with voice features such as Slack or Voxer.” 

Consistent Check-ins

Host weekly check-ins with your staff, touching points including but not limited to workplace performance, staff well-being, and how they are feeling during this time. This is something that many company leaders and top executives do not typically ask or think about. Increasing your consideration for your team is crucial and when they feel they are being cared for, it will increase employee morale and productivity.

Tonya Robertson, Founder and CEO of Focused Training Solutions explains that ”in a work environment, you can get so caught up in the routine of clocking in and out that you forget how important it is to check-in on your staff and make sure they are doing well.”

Krystal Duhaney, Founder of Milky Mama suggests that “Asking your team members how their week is going or how you can support them will make all the difference. Taking the time to connect with your team and getting to know them outside of work will make a substantial difference in employee productivity.”

Limit Distractions

In today’s workplace culture, everyone is constantly bombarded by distractions, whether it be messages, social media, or playing a quick game on your phone; it doesn’t stop once you get to work. It is important to limit the number of distractions while at the workplace. Encourage your team members to silence their phones while at their desk.

Rozalyn Goodwin, Co-Founder of GaBBY Bows states, “Continue to emphasize the importance of taking regular breaks and time to step away from the desk to check your phone, so when you are working at your desk you will utilize your time more productively and efficiently.”

Provide Feedback

It is critical to provide feedback to your employees every week, if not every day, so they understand how they can better manage their tasks and improve in certain areas. Sharing feedback tells the employee that you care about their work and want to do everything you can to make sure that it is the best it can possibly be.

Lacresha Hayes, Best Selling Author and Founder Of Divinity Academy shares, “It is vital that when giving employee feedback it focuses on a specific area of work that can be improved for better productivity. You do not want to focus on the person or it will seem as though you are criticizing them instead of their work.”

Set Achievable Goals and Provide Support

In order to ensure employee productivity is at the forefront of your business, you have to make sure that your staff has clear and achievable goals set in place for the work that is being produced. Make sure that the goals are specific, clear, focused and most all achievable. You also have to provide your staff with the proper resources and equipment for them to be successful in achieving their goals. 

Elizabeth S. Davis, Founder of SHEDAVI, states “Providing your staff with the correct resources, training, and skills needed to achieve their specific work goals will make all the difference in the end.”

Tiffany Williams, CEO of Rich Girl Collective,explains “Choosing the right tools for collaboration, time management, and efficiency will streamline work operations and cut out excess work, which will increase productivity.”


When employees are overworked and constantly bombarded with mundane tasks that are not benefiting their personal growth in the office their productivity will decrease. Don’t be afraid to delegate more important tasks to employees that will allow them to grow their skillset.

Sabrina Tucker-Barrett and Anthony Barett, Founders of Girls For Technology, Inc, explain, “When employees are given tasks that allow them to have more ownership of their job and position it will boost employee morale and overall productivity.”

Provide Incentives

When companies and organizations provide incentives or rewards to their employees when tasks are completed in a timely manner, productivity and efficiency will increase tenfold and will help team members stick to their deadlines. Offering incentives such as gift cards, extra time off, leaving work early, etc. will motivate your employees to work harder and produce greater results.

Tae Lee, Founder and CEO of Never Go Broke states, “Providing employees with monetary incentives such as bonuses or raises will show that the work they produce is being appreciated and is worth being rewarded.”

Nicole Brown, Founder of Izzy & Liv explains, “Saying good job to our employees can only go so far. Giving your team members incentives that they are able to utilize for themselves will go a long way to make them feel better about themselves and have more respect for the company they work for.”

Overall, by implementing these tips and suggestions you will be able to see an increase in employee productivity within your organization.