When I became a father, I never knew about kids’ behave and parenting, etc.
It was the happiest day for me when I became a father (on 2018/08/20) of a daughter, I was thinking it’ll be my first job to do care about my baby after becoming a father, but, after two months I realized that it is not a job to be a father or parent it’s a more than it, it is a strategy to be a parent

What I Did After Become A Parent

As most peoples say that, I love kids, I can parent as well as someone assumes. I was also thinking that, but as I told above it’s not a job to do parenting it’s just something like kidding and this strategy doesn’t have any smartness.

First we all, When I understood parenting. I went to learn some about kids thinking patterns, kids’ behavior, what we need to do with our kids, etc. It was very amazing for me to know to kids have are always born color bland. kids can stop their breath inside water.

That’s why all experts say that, teach colors to your kids

There are many things a man needs to know about kids before becoming a Parent(Father or Mother) That’s why I am doing this post to just sharing my experience with world parents.

What a Good Parent Rule in Kids Life Most when a kid start walk arround

As I am a software developer I always search for a digital learning gadget for my kid to teach them, color, Alphabet, Counting, and much more.

But it’s not enough for. I have proceeded with 10 major actions to keep my kid safe, healthy, mentally strong, and confident.

  1. I learnt and started spend my time with my kid, Morning, Evening, Night when ever i get free. This action make a strong atterection between us. And my sweet baby adict to play with me. She also got a strong idenfication mine and my activity.
  2. I also started reading on daily bases that how to treat and make happy perfect your baby, This one action gives me two benefits, first i know and got new things about babies & second my baby also trying to read something with put my book in their lap a best one I got from Google and print it out. book name (The Well-Balanced Family: Reduce Screen Time and Increase Family Fun, Fitness and Connectedness) Written by Robert Myers
  3. I always give answer of my kid’s all question. This action is very powerful to make my kid mentally strong. Because we all know that, Kids ask soo many questions. Because they are new here and they want to know about things. If we do not answers to our kids they will confused about thing. Answering to has soo many benefits like it will make a kid responsible questioner & also give confidence.
  4. Always try to understand your kid lovely language when ever he/she started their first talk. As many you will response and understand kid lovely language, As he/she’ll speekup sooner clearly.
  5. When my kid walked their first step. Its was happiest moment for me but their was also a stress position about there care or need set a eye on it. Many parents such as myself stress when we can’t see our little ones and they disappear from the eyes. So I setup home cameras on my whole house where my kid can reach, I got my best one from Imilab C20 indoor panoramic camera
  6. I also started emphasize more on moral values and less on materialistic things. I also try shoot my/my kid’s screen time but not end
  7. I always remember my kid’s wishes try to complete all but i also mis some because this will teach my kid that everything is not reachable for you. As we face in adult life. It is very importent to teach your kid.
Usman's Sweet Baby
My sweet baby’s picture

These were me, my kids, some of my digital actions for my kid’s security & protection.
Thank you very much be here