For every individual, embracing who you are and valuing yourself as a person is something that should always be set as a priority. For most of us, it is sometimes difficult to find time to prioritise ourselves and squeeze time into our busy schedule to work on some much-needed self-care and reflection. Now, we as a collective have placed a greater emphasis on the importance of mental health and understanding the vitality of self-love and self-appreciation.

With the rise of solo wedding ceremonies and ‘sologomy’ relationships taking place, a new jewellery trend has emerged in recent years—self-love rings. Acting as a symbol of commitment to oneself, these rings have been a popular choice for many individuals—both single and in a relationship with someone else. So much so, searches for the term ‘self-love ring’ have more than tripled in recent years, from an average of 396 searches for this in 2016, to 1,080 searches in 2020. Here, we discuss just how much of an impact this contemporary trend has had on people’s individuality, uniqueness, and self-love.

Self-love rings: What sparked the concept?

Self-love rings originally began to gain popularity back in 2016, when more and more people began to truly grasp the importance of self-love and appreciation. These rings mean more than just another jewellery edition, they are a symbol of commitment to yourself. Although there is no definitive answer as to what the catalyst was for the trend, there are a combination of things that could be responsible.

The rise of digital platforms including Snapchat and Instagram have played an integral part in our everyday lives. The abundance of inspirational posts, photos, and videos both social channels entail could be responsible for spreading the message of why self-love is important. Celebrities have been found to use their platform for good in recent years, posting ‘natural’ photos of themselves to inspire people to embrace their bodies for what they are.

We’re all human, and many celebrities have taken to the limelight to talk about their personal experiences dealing with insecurities and how they too have changed their mentality to reflect a more positive and confident view of themselves.

Other than the rise of the media helping to encourage individuals to be more confident with their appearance, taking time out of the day to focus on what is on the inside has also been highlighted. Meditation and mindfulness practices have emerged over the years, and research has shown these are effective ways to reduce levels of anxiety, depression, and stress. Taking time out your day, even for a few minutes, to focus solely on yourself and your mental health is something we should all partake in every once in a while.

Symbols and Self-love rings

Similar to how engagement rings are used as symbols of commitment to your partner, self-love rings are used to represent commitment to oneself and a promise to dedicate wholeheartedly to ensuring your own mental and physical well-being is always a priority. Typically worn on your little finger, they are like a more permanent emblem of a commitment to yourself. Some jewellers offer specific rings for your little finger, but purchasing a smaller, regular engagement ring will suffice too.

Some people prefer to purchase a self-love ring with their best friends too, helping to focus on the importance of friendship and make a pledge that you’ll both prioritise some self-love and self-appreciation if this is something you have both struggled with in the past.

Would you marry yourself?

For those who don’t know—yes, you can host a wedding ceremony for yourself. This appears to be a question on a lot of people’s minds too, with the term ‘can you marry yourself’ experiencing an increase from an average of 4,140 searches in 2016, to an average of 7,080 searches so far in 2020. Many people have adored this concept so much so that hosting a ceremony to celebrate a self-marriage has become increasingly popular over the years, with the question ‘is it legal to marry yourself’ accounting for an average of 420 searches in 2020 so far. The first sologamous wedding was thought to be in 1993, when an American woman called Linda Barker married herself in front of her close friends.

Although marrying yourself is not a legal process, it can still be a celebratory event where vows can be spoke. Current statistics find that self-marriages have been more popular among women than men—perhaps due to the unnecessary pressures that women historically have been under to value the act of marriage and relationships.

Expanding more on this, the question of ‘how to marry yourself’ has experienced an increase in searches over the years, where in 2016 this was searched an average of 18 times per month, rising to an average of 30 searches per month in 2020.

So, why are people favouring the act of self-marriage? Some have said that by saying the commitments you want to make to yourself out loud is a great act of self-acceptance that informs your family and friends about what they are. Others have said it was a celebratory act to express your commitment towards the health, well-being, and happiness of oneself, both physically and emotionally.

It’s often assumed that this is only a ceremony for those that are single, but this isn’t true. Many individuals have chosen to host this ceremony regardless of being married or in a relationship. In response to demand for these ceremonies, one company, I Married Me, has been established, offering one-person ceremonies.  

Demonstrating to yourself that you’re confident and empowered doesn’t have to come in the form of a ring. There are other ways to show your love for yourself—treat yourself to some clothing that you’ve been wanting for a while, have a spa day, or just invest some time into you!

Researched by Angelic Diamonds, a UK diamond jewellery specialist.