Often the assumption is, to sit cross legged and begin Om-ing, and it seems to in still a fear that this cannot be ever done, followed by ‘why would I even want to do that’? I would absolutely love to quash these myths of what meditation is and show you how empowering and life transforming it really could be.

Meditation has hugely proven benefits to reduce anxiety and stress, improve confidence and mood, improve sleep, and improve physical health problems and so much more.

We spend hundreds of pounds on external things to feed the ego, fill the void and feel good from buying clothes, going out, spa days etc. However how often does that feel good vibe last? One day? One week? When someone asks you how was your amazing holiday? You often say ‘oh that feels like ages ago’! Meditation creates this inner tranquillity and peace within you so you can enjoy the treats and days out but you don’t need them to fill the void. You feel the extreme highs in life but equally you will feel the crashing lows.  Meditation allows the practice in creating happiness to be constant, your energy is constant, your being is enough and you learn to maintain this equilibrium. An equilibrium, which I like to compare to a spa session for the mind.

I began meditating a couple of years ago, when my anxiety with life was at a high. I had a little dabble here and there but the more I returned to it the more my energy, behaviour and shifts began. Now it’s my instant go to, if I’m hitting a learning curve, or something unexpected is thrown my way I will find a spot and just take the 5 minutes to meditate.

My emotions stay in check and don’t accelerate, where I may have cried or spiralled with anxiety for days, it’s now a few hours and constantly reducing. It’s not about being ‘zen’ and having no reaction at all to circumstances it’s about controlling our feelings towards them. Controlling our mind and not letting the situation control us.

The best thing is you need absolutely nothing but yourself, no fancy gadgets, expensive equipment, or monthly memberships. To experience life-changing shifts, is it not worth giving it a go?

Everything takes practice and time to see the effects and benefits, one day of going to the gym won’t give you the abs, one day of healthy eating won’t shift the pounds, one day at a new job won’t make you a professional and one day of meditating won’t show huge changes. Knowing that’s ok and to keep going and simply trusting in the process that you will see changes after time is all you need.

Our minds our always so busy that if we aren’t sweating, running around or physically doing something then we think it’s not working or we haven’t worked hard enough. This is where a lot of the issue arises, being still initially makes us think of boredom or ‘I’ve got things to be getting on with’.  However see it as your mind and body getting pampered, the mind gives and the body gives and this is you giving back in the best way possible.

There are various meditations to try and practice, going to a group meditation and being guided can always be a great start, you can use meditation apps, or simply sit with friends or as a family and share a few minutes together before practicing on your own.


  • Sheena Shah

    Life Coach NLP Mindfulness practitioner, Nutritionist & Optometrist

    Optometrist, Mindset and Mindfulness Coach, Nutritionist and a Mum of 2 beautiful girls. My passion and purpose is in self development and helping others live their best life.