Why you must do meditation?. When you go to a movie, on the screen you see many images.These images create emotions ( happy, sorrow, positive and negative) all types. Now you are so much identified with images and you think those images as real and deeply feel it during watching the movie. Now if you go near the images and try to grab it then what will you grab?You grab the screen which is truth but not the images, because those images are not real, nothing but illusions. It is same with life. In life You, me and all things are superimposed on consciousness. We are so much identified with the images or illusions imposed on life that we feel it’s real and live with it.

It’s like a dream state. we create dreams and during the dream state we live with it as if it’s true and when we wake up we understand that it was an illusion and not true..and get into wakeful consciousness.

Its like two kids fighting for a lollipop of some different colour, in reality all lollipops made with same ingredients. It’s the shape and colour which creates the “discrimination”. but the truth is constant. On the truth we create many shapes and we get attached to it by forgetting it’s real nature which is constant and truth for all.

Meditation helps us in clearing these daily life illusions from its root and detaches us from the illusions that we are attached to and clears the path to smell the fragrance of oneness.In that we no more discriminate anyone on the name of colour or shape or religion. Hence, constant meditation will bring near to consciousness and oneness. It promotes love & empathy.

“Humans should stop killing humans”.


  • Krishna Kishore

    meditation practitioner

    Meditation, Psychic reading ( Trained by Debra Lynn Katz from International School of Clairvoyance),Quantum physics and spirituality, Philosophy, Ayurveda and Nature Healing are some of my deepest interests. I read books that touch variety of subjects. I am a continuous learner and thinker. Meditation practice helped me to understand my life situation better and I came out of many issues. I thought there are many around me who are in the same situation, hence, I started sharing benefits of meditation with very simple examples to make everyone in the world understand the importance of doing Meditation. By profession I am into Talent Acquisition, I am a recruiter. Currently working with a company called Postman in Bangalore, India. In past I worked with Indeed,Inc, Google, Yahoo! R&D ,and Walmart as a recruiter. I am married and blessed with a cute little angel.