Cody Cruz talks more about business failure due to not identifying their customers.

Online content creation is becoming harder by the day. Online content consumers are like hungry sharks looking for content to devour. The recent pandemic COVID-19 that hit the world led to an increase in the number of online content people consumed. The forced lockdown and stay-at-home policies implemented in many countries worldwide meant people didn’t have a lot to do at home.

The mantra that ”content is king” might still be relevant today, but not as it used to. Does that mean you should not create content?

Far from it!

 Content is still needed now, even more than before.

However, the number of contents doesn’t matter as much as the content’s quality and how it affects the customers’ needs. Now, more than ever, online content consumers are selfish. They don’t want what you have; they want what they want!

The need to, therefore, produce content that meets the customers every need is tedious. How does a company create content that doesn’t offend the customers and still offer value to the customer?

Understand the customer!

Understanding the customer has never been more important than at a time like this, says Cody Cruz. Cody Cruz is a digital promotion guru who has helped many small businesses build capital and attract investors. Cody has been in digital promotion for years and has diversified into other specialties such as talent management and voice-overs.

Cody strongly believes that when a business truly understands its customers, on individual levels, the content creation process is made easier.

Although knowing your customers isn’t all there is to content creation, but it is a massive step in the right direction towards creating content that connects, educates and converts.

The multi-diversity of a business’s customers means that the company must understand the customer in-depth, more than the regular data that are collected. Information such as the customers likes and dislikes, fears and motivation, hopes and dreams; these are some of the more intimate questions a business must be able to answer if they want to consistently create content that serves the customers, and the business.

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