Dr. Brian Harris AKA “The Virtual Dentist” is known throughout the country for his expertise as a cosmetic dentist.  He is based in Phoenix, Arizona where he operates his cosmetic dental practice and lives with his wife, Maury, and their 4 children. 

As a recognized speaker and educator in the dental industry, Dr. Harris has traveled the world speaking over 200 times to audiences in 5 different countries.  He has revolutionized the cosmetic dental industry with his unique treatment approach and the way he uses modern technology to connect and communicate with people.  

Dr. Harris has created a unique three step process for patients looking to improve their smile which allows them to get their new smile designed in just 2 visits, two weeks apart.  Because of the convenience and predictability of this process, patients travel from all over to see him for their new smile.  

The first step in his process is the Smile Virtual Consult.  This Smile Virtual software that Dr. Harris created allows patients to request a free video consult from the comfort of their own home.  Patients can upload a smile photo, explain their smile concerns and receive a personalized video consult from a Smile Virtual dentist within a week.  The video response helps to answer their questions and advises them on the possibilities for their smile. Because it also explains the cost of treatment, it allows the patient to move forward with an option that will look good and also fit within their budget.  

The second step in his process is called the Smile Test Drive.  This happens at the first of two in person visits.  This is where Dr. Harris allows his patients to preview their new smile before he gets started with the actual procedure.  He uses a composite material to create the smile one tooth at a time to ideal size and shape allowing his patients to co-design their new look with him.  This is an important step for Dr. Harris as it allows him to see what is possible with each patient as he begins the new smile design process. 

The third step of the process is called the Smile Design.  This happens at the first visit after the Smile Test Drive and is the step where the teeth are designed for the porcelain veneers.  After the tooth design, molds are taken and temporary veneers are made for the patient to wear for two weeks and try out the new look. This is the time to make sure the shape, size and color of teeth are ideal.  If not, it can easily be changed with the final veneers. After the two weeks are over, the patient returns for the second of two visits and the permanent veneers are bonded in place and their self confidence is forever changed. 

Dr. Harris believes that the transformation of a smile is a BIG deal.  “It’s your smile, it’s the one thing that people around you see every day and it’s what you use to communicate with others in your life both personally and professionally.”  It’s for this reason that he created this three step process. There are so many people out there that want to improve their smile, they just have no idea how to go about the process.  The Smile Virtual software helps them through the process and connects them with qualified doctors throughout the world. 

Dr. Harris believes that having a confident smile is a powerful thing.  He is currently filming his own pilot series where he documents different patients smile transformation journeys and shows how having a confident smile impacts their life.  You will often hear Dr. Harris say, “It’s not about the teeth… it’s about the people.” His ability to connect with people and help them create the smile of their dreams is what sets him apart from so many in the industry. 


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