Edward Shatverov is a name that a few have heard before. But, the name will make it to daily headlines and become a topic of discussion on every social media page very soon. Shatverov is an eighteen-year-old entrepreneur, born in Los Angeles, and raised in Glendale, California, who started off just to satisfy his thirst and curiosity for the marketing industry. He started examining the marketing industry at a very young age of 15. The marketing industry and Shatverov clicked instantly, just like some old lovers. Shatverov chose marketing because numbers intrigued his curious personality. He could easily handle any marketing strategy or investment decision. His interest in e-businesses made him choose marketing over any other field. He started researching market trends and indicators that influence the industry. Soon, he was able to predict returns on investments accurately. Once he felt ready to embark on this journey, he started investing his funds in different brands and companies. His investments graciously returned with profits and interests. His growth and expansion became phenomenal. He invested in many online businesses, that turned out to be a huge success. At the age of 18, Shatverov had accomplished what entrepreneurs take lifetimes to accomplish. He accumulated millions of dollars within 3 years. His achievements stunned the marketing world. He received much applaud and appreciation from his fellow investors. Shatverov believes that his success is a resultant of his hard work, luck and trust in himself. He believes that once an individual has decided to board a train leading to success, he must never look back. He must fight till his last breath. He should trust that his efforts will pay off. He should grab any opportunity he receives and make the best of it. Shatverov had studied many entrepreneurs and businesses, that have been successful, when he was a child. He devised a career path that led on the steps followed by those successful businesses and entrepreneurs. He was truly aware of his strengths and he recognized them and made use of them. Many people get envious of achievements of others. But he is a rare one, and he got motivated by those achievements. He used to think that if others could do it, so could he. However, he, himself, is the true source of inspiration for him.

In his free time, Shatverov likes to watch basketball. Occasionally, he also plays basketball and he is good at it. After all, he is a teenager. He also likes to spend time with his friends and family, who have been a constant support for him, through thicks and thins. Shatverov is a very private person and keeps his personal life away from social media. He also, has many future plans. He expects that he will go to greater heights in the field of marketing. The success story of Shatverov indicates that he has been at least 30 to 40 years old. But he is just an eighteen-year-old boy from Los Angeles. He is a true inspiration for not only children and teenagers, but elder business men or entrepreneurs, who are struggling on the path of success. He is an example for those who blame their fate and circumstances for failure. He believes that failure does not come when a person is unsuccessful to achieve his goals, but it comes when that person stops trying to achieve those goals. He believes individuals should find their own path to their goals, run towards their goals, fall, get injured, dust off, stand up, start again and never stop! He was the hero of his own story and so should others. He made his own destiny with constant hard work. Now, everyone has eyes upon him. Everyone is waiting for his next achievements. But, he has sworn to prove himself, rather than showing off. The future holds so much for a young and a sharp mind like him. Let’s wait and watch what Shatverov accomplishes.


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