#THRIVEup is a series about trusting the process! Just before our recent world events began to unfold, I encountered a series of personal events that swirled me in a doozy! At this point I’ve learned when the winds blow, throw your hands up, keep your head straight and spread your wings baby! This wind blew me straight to Jamaica where I ended up quarantined in a beautiful place called Estate Serenade and introduced to a powerful new friend named Eileen. Meet Eileen Day McKusick and Biofield Tuning!

Eileen Day McKusick, MA is a pioneer in the fields of the human biofield, therapeutic sound, and electric health. A researcher, author, inventor, educator and practitioner, Eileen has been researching health since 1987, and specifically how sound impacts health, since 1996.

She is the originator of Biofield Tuning (with thousands of students trained worldwide since 2010), the founder of the Biofield Tuning Institute (which conducts grant funded, IRB approved and peer reviewed studies on the human biofield), and author of the award winning, bestselling book “Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy”, as well as the upcoming “Electric Body, Electric Health” (Macmillan, 1/21).

She is also the inventor of the revolutionary and much loved tool, the Sonic Slider, the creator of a line of tuning forks and accessories, and the CEO of BioSona, LLC which provides sound therapy tools and training globally.  

CB: Eileen, thank you and your organization for taking part in the #THRIVEUP series!  Can you tell us a little bit about Biofield Tuning, your mission and accomplishments to date?

EDM: Biofield Tuning is a sound therapy method that uses tuning forks on and around the body for the purpose of helping folks to relax and breathe more deeply. It is a simple premise and process, but it can be helpful for resolving many types of physical, mental and emotional discomfort. 

We currently have 16 teachers and over 2000 students and practitioners around the globe, with many more queued up to get into our new, upcoming online training program. Our mission is to help relieve unnecessary suffering in the world through spreading this simple yet powerful process as far and wide as possible. 

Our non-profit arm, the Biofield Tuning Institute, conducts peer-reviewed research on the biofield and we just had our first collaborative paper accepted by the Journal of Alternative Medicine.

Through the institute, we also founded Tuners Without Borders to bring the tools and the process to populations in need for free, and have had several missions to Kingston Jamaica as well as one to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. We also provide scholarships to students in financial need.

CB: Ok, so what exactly is a ‘Tuning Fork’?!

EDM: A tuning fork is a simple acoustic instrument that generates a single tone, like the note of C for example, when struck. They are used musically – to tune instruments – but can also medically, to tune people.

We make use of two types of tuning forks – one that is unweighted that makes a pure audible tone, and one that has weights on the end which make it more about the felt vibration if you place the handle on the body.

We need to allow ourselves to feel all our emotions in order to be healthy!

CB: You’ve spoken to me about areas like the ‘Emotional Bouncer’.  Can you explain a little bit about areas like this in our body that may stunt our ability to THRIVE?  

EDM: You know how some people have a fatty lump at the base of their neck? Sometimes called a dowager’s hump, when it gets really big. This is because we have a construct at the base of our neck I call the “gatekeeper”. 

The gatekeeper acts like a bouncer at an exclusive club, and decides which emotions that are generated in the body get to make it up to the brain for cognition. When we habitually suppress emotions like anger – which have a molecular component to them, they start to pile up at the back of the base of the neck where they weigh on us subconsciously. 

We need to allow ourselves to feel all our emotions in order to be healthy!

CB: Your organization’s work has primarily been in person.  How have recent situations affected you? How did you pivot towards a solution and what emotions did you personally have to overcome?

EDM: We were teaching in person classes all over the world, and I was speaking at conferences. Since mid- March, none of that has been happening and we had to cancel all in person engagements for the rest of 2020. 

So instead some of my teaching team turned their attention to creating an online program which honestly we never believed was possible previously. But our Beta testing has shown us that it is possible – and it is actually a much better model all around. 

As far as overcoming emotions, I have been a businessperson for over 30 years, so I have seen how the changing environment forces you to pivot and rise up creatively to adapt – so, I tend to be more focused on solving the problem than freaking out about it 🙂


CB: Can you share your 5 Step Process to Solve Any Problem that we can use at home?


  1. Identify The Problem.
  2. Believe that it is possible to solve the problem.
  3. Sit with the uncomfortable energy that tells you NO and say YES!
  4. Desire it with all your heart.
  5. Believe the resources you need are at hand.  Locate and implement them to solve the problem.

CB: With your new online program, can you share a recent success story you’ve had and a little bit about the process of what people can expect?

EDM: Well, it won’t be live until September and we have literally hundreds of people who were registered for in person classes in 2020, so we have a big backlog to get through before we can open up classes to the general public. 

But once it is live, people can expect a comprehensive virtual but still hands on training in how to use these simple tools and techniques to immediately be able to start to help the people around them to feel better, and essentially, become more free. Health= Freedom, and the more we relax and breathe deeply, the healthier we become. 

CB: What are your ‘Go To’ words of encouragement you can share to our readers?

EDM: Living comfortably with uncertainty is one of the most difficult lessons to learn and one that we are all being put in the position of learning at the moment. But things do have a way of working out, if we can just let ourselves go with the flow and be curious about what is unfolding even if it is difficult, instead of going into fear. Enjoy the adventure! There are lots of silver linings out there 🙂

Eileen thank you for spreading the good vibes with us today! Please read more about Eileen and Biofield Tuning through the links below:

www.biofieldtuning.com www.eileendaymckusick.com

Instagram & Facebook @biofieldtuning

Instagram & Facebook @eileen-shonemckusick

Location: www.estateserenade.com