It is for all lovely people out there, meet the new gutsy female Emma Jonnz. Read on to know about her life choices, gender transforming decision and much more!

Life is beautiful when one wears inner confidence and gives his/her innate desires the right wings to fly. Coming out in the open and declaring who you are to the world is not an easy task. It takes lots of courage, determination, self-confidence and guts to pronounce to the world how it feels to be a transgender woman. It hit Jonn Poker since childhood when she felt that she could connect to the girls of her age a lot and the messy, sweaty, sporty gang of boys are not the ones that he loved hanging out with. She was born a male but never felt comfortable in her skin. It was the desire to be a woman that engulfed her always and when she divulged the details to her family, there were lots of uncertainties, doubts, cold reactions, pauses that punctuated her declaration. Till 19, she was in Italy and the word ‘’acceptance” was not synonymous with her life. 

Shifting to Canada changed her life completely; and from giving her feminine side a lease of life by consulting doctors to walking the medical way for availing hormone therapy, Emma took the bold step of changing her gender. There is no looking back or two thoughts of this transgender woman about the decision that she has taken to turn into a female from male, with conviction. She is very thankful to Canada for letting her be the way she is, accepting her with no qualms. For the last two years, people who have loved her, she has made a video to thank them all and share her life struggles and decision. 

One is beautiful from within and this statement rings true when one looks at life. Taking a look at the mirror should empower one! Appearance as well as your life choices as a human being matters and Emma Jonnz has faced life with lots of confidence. This gutsy fearless transgender woman with a big heart shares with the people how she has been very fussy while choosing the name Emma as she could instantly connect to it after zeroing on it. She mulls over how the dating world is and the expectations that partners have. 

There is no stopping this dauntless, independent and lovely trans woman. Emma is looking forward to take up the medical journey of her gender transformation, loading of hormones in her body and much more with all well-wishers by her side. 

It is for the world to meet the new trans woman Emma Jonnz and feel proud of her. Born a male, she has taken her life decision of changing into a female, make the best of the hormone therapies available and lead the life that she has always wished for!