Entrepreneur Garrett Atkins is an amazing, successful, skilled and dedicated digital advertising expert. The entrepreneur is renowned for his excellent skills, commitment, and hard work. He is the reason behind the startup, growth, and success of two digital and marketing companies including the VIE Media, in St. Louis, Missouri and the StLouisPodcast.com, a one of a kind podcast recording studio in St. Louis, Missouri. Garrett through his two companies works with different brands including small enterprises and startup businesses. 

Through StLouisPodcast.com, Garrett Atkins helps thousands of clients to record video podcasts. Therefore, the client’s recordings are distributed through different podcast channels including Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and Spotify. The content can also be accessed on different social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Garrett Atkin also handles different digital tasks including video production, social media marketing, web design and photography through VIE media. 

Garrett Atkins Impacting the Lives of others through his Success 

 At a tender age, the entrepreneur knew he wanted to make an impact on society through digital advertising and media platforms. With the benefits that the internet offers, Garrett has continued to use his skills, experience, and expertise to make a positive impact in the society. He is part of the KMA Foundation Board of Directors, a non-profit organization in Missouri. Together with relevant stakeholders, they are working hard to reduce fatality rates on the road through sensitization programs, educating students and creating awareness on safe driving. 

The organization also offers scholarships to students. Garrett Atkins also uses his social media experience to inspire others. He is a public or keynote speaker that focuses on leadership, podcasting, and social media. He has featured in different prestigious events including St. Louis Live2Lead event that focuses on leadership. He is a public speaker that also networks, hosts social media seminars, networking events, podcasting seminars, grows and drives successful business prospects. 

Garrett Atkins also recommends his clients, followers and the people he comes across to read some of the best transformative books he has come across, the best movies to watch whenever you want to relax and take a break from your daily hustles and music to listen to, TV shows and video games to play. He is a cool, motivated, inspirational and dedicated entrepreneur who prides in the success of others. 

A Closer Look at Garrett Atkins Achievements 

There is no doubt that this has come Garrett’s way not only because he has a drive for financial freedom but he also finds a passion in each and every little thing that he dips his nose in. It comes from the curiosity of conquering the challenge of understanding as many things as he can within his environment. 

The entrepreneur believes in working extra hard, exploring new opportunities, impacting the lives of others, and growing himself better as a public speaker, serial digital advertising and marketing entrepreneur and an exceptional content creator. Some of his huge achievements include;

Starting and growing his VIE Media, at 23, and his St.LouisPodcast.com at 26. He worked on these two companies from small enterprises to a million revenue generators by early 2019. 

From 3 clients and 0 clients, Garrett has moved VIE Media and St. LouisPodcast.com to more than 100 clients and over 35clients utilizing different services respectively.

He was the Live2Lead, St. Louis, Missouri keynote speaker in October 2019. 

Garrett Atkins has also partnered with different brands including The UPS Store, Sansone Group, Better Homes and Gardens and Metro Powered by T-Mobile.