Jean Chen is an Immigration Lawyer based out of San Jose, California. Her interests include helping all clients she has the pleasure of working with, being an active community member, and spending time with family. Jean Chen has been practicing immigration law since 1998 and now operates under the law offices of Jean D. Chen.

1. Tell us a bit about what you do.

I have been an immigration attorney since 1998. Essentially, I work with clients who have immigration issues and seek to provide them with the best possible outcome. I always strive to do the best possible jobs for clients. I protect the interests for the clients, which is probably why my success rate is 99%. I am a responsible, professional, and caring individual. I founded the law offices of Jean D. Chen in 2003 and have been advocating the client interests since then. Each and every-day I look out for my client’s best interests, and make sure they are receiving the best possible services. 

Personally, I spend time contributing to the legal forums World Journal, and Tsing Tao Daily, which are the largest publications of Chinese community. I also sponsor and support cultural events and remain an active community member in the San Jose area.

2.What gave you the idea for (what you do/your company)? How did it start?

I started the law offices of Jean D. Chen since May 2003. I was lucky to take over the law office from a returned immigration attorney and I started the practice since then. The whole concept of becoming an immigration attorney came from my own experiences of the misgivings the immigration judicial system can have. So, although I am now retired, I sought to become an immigration lawyer to help others who have faced or are facing similar issues. 

3. What’s your favorite thing about your chosen profession?

I have a couple of favorite things about my profession. More specifically, I enjoy being able to help the client in achieving their goal in immigration, assisting the clients in family reunion, assisting outstanding professionals in getting their work permits and permanent residency, and assisting the business clients in their American dreams.

A more macro-focused idea about what I enjoy about my profession is the client interaction and satisfaction I get from doing a good job. I like to see the client being successful in their cases, which is rewarding not only for them but for myself too.

4. What keys to being productive can you share with us?

Being productive in immigration law, in my opinion, comes down to how much motivation you have in helping clients achieve their goals. In doing so, the lawyer must be responsible, and care for the needs of the clients. Productivity for myself comes from my drive to help deliver exceptional services for my clients and see their cases be successful.

5.What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned through the course of your career?

To be a good person, and to help the clients, the community, and the people is my continued goal.

Working as an immigration attorney you meet people from all walks of life. One lesson this has taught me is to be a good person. You must help clients, the community, and the people on a continual basis. This not only makes you a better person, but it teaches you to have a cause that is greater than oneself.

6. What advice would you give to others aspiring to succeed in your field?

Responsibility, focus, and willingness to learn. Having these three traits will help you create mutual respect between you and the clients. Additionally, being receptive to learning new things and accountable for your decisions will give you credibility and help you progress professionally. An overall sense of helping the clients and community is a must, as it gives you the foundation for why you are doing the work you do.

7. What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

I enjoy spending time with my family, physical fitness, and travel. Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy life.

8. What advice would you give your younger self?

Continue to work hard, being responsible, and seek to improve your communication skills. Also, try to maintain a nice and positive outlook on life and work. Doing these things will only benefit you in the future.