Iranian Model and Actress Jewell Farshad says “To me, beauty comes from within.” I love living a healthy balanced lifestyle. I start every morning with the daily practice of meditation and yoga. This helps to keep my stress levels low and reduce my cortisol. I also avoid checking my phone for the first hour after waking up. I usually drink my morning coffee while taking my dogs for a walk, followed by my daily workout regimen, usually a combination of cardio and weight training or pilates exercises. I’m a big fan of intermittent fasting, so I usually don’t eat my first meal after my morning workout. I follow an anti-inflammatory diet since I’m required to work in a bikini so often. This entails eating low glycemic fruits and veggies (slow-releasing sugars) and eating lean proteins like wild-caught salmon and turkey. I stay away from dairy and high saturated fatty foods like bacon to keep my arteries clear and my skin even clearer.

For me, It’s not about being skinny but rather being healthy and vibrant. I work out almost every day, whether it’s a quick walk to the beach with my boyfriend and my dogs or doing high-intensity interval training. I love getting a good sweat on and being active. My favorite workout pre-pandemic was Hot yoga. In fact, if I could do all my workouts in a heated room, I probably would, lol. I love the heat and how it helps the lymphatic drainage system eliminate toxins and give you that undeniable glow.

I only drink alcohol occasionally and avoid smoking to further reduce any inflammations in my body.

When it comes to my skin, I always say less is more: fewer products and less makeup. I like my face fresh and glowing without too many products clogging my pores. I used to get monthly facials pre-pandemic, but I ordered a facial steamer from amazon that’s my new best friend during the lockdowns. I love doing at-home facials. In fact, my favorite Friday Night routine is face masks and LED face shields during my Netflix & chill.

I also love a good facial massager. I learned a tip from a French beautician to keep my jade facial roller and gua sha massager in the freezer. The cold helps depuff the face super fast. I am obsessed with natural ingredients like Jojoba oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E oils. I usually mix them up depending on the season and how dry my skin is. Keeping my skin properly moisturized is crucial to me. And, of course, the last step in my skincare routine is sunscreen. I use a vitamin-C infused mineral sunscreen daily to keep my skin protected from the sun and wrinkle-free.


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