When you keep your mind open to new ideas and experiences, amazing things can happen. For Johnson Nguyen, inspiration can come from anywhere—from opening yourself up to new possibilities through travel or tuning into your imagination through reading.

Just like any family, his parents believed in hard work and determination emphasized the necessity of developing a set of skills that could take you wherever you wanted to go. Despite being born in Vancouver, British Columbia, the Western most part of Canada, Johnson Nguyen took every opportunity he could to expand his world view and broaden his horizons through traveling. Johnson and his family traveled often when he was growing up, and through these explorations, Johnson fell in love with London, England. When it came time to pursue a university education, He attended King’s College, England, receiving a bachelor’s degree in Digital Culture.

Taking what he has learned through this experience, Johnson Nguyen moved back to Vancouver, where he began developing a small company specializing in online marketing for a niche group of talent. Since its inception, Johnson has been able to maximize social media outlets, marketing strategies, and website development to increase traffic and therefore sales for every one of his clients. The company started very modestly and has now grown to employ more than 15 people.

It is Nguyen’s vision to formulate strategies that will see the firm gain respect as one of the most admired online digital marketing firms in North America. Maintaining a clear head through his decision making, Johnson Nguyen cites his traveling experience as a tool for strengthening his business and his personal relationships.

Why is traveling so important to you?

Traveling means everything to me. I often think about my next trip when I want to take a breather away from the usual work routine. I have met many people and made friendships in most of the places I’ve been to, and this is something I am not going to give up. Traveling has greatly improved my communication and people skills. This is in addition to increasing my desire to learn more foreign languages. As of now, I speak English, French, Spanish and some German.

How has traveling changed your life?

You know, I have been to over twenty countries and I am in constant awe of how alike people around the world really are.  It is eye-opening to see how people approach things. The truth is, we live in a great country and I am always grateful when I come home to live here. Not all places have all of the comforts that we do.  I am reminded when I travel how grand the world is and how lucky I really am.  I am just happy for each experience along the way.

For someone looking to start traveling for inspiration, what advice would you give them?

Owing to past travel experiences, I made a tacit decision to travel light and make my trips as hassle free as possible. The key to traveling light lies in packing right and having sufficient funding. It is also important to pay close attention to travel warnings and advisories, especially when going overseas. Your travel documents, i.e. passports and visas also need to be up to date. For the inexperienced traveler, I encourage them to maintain an open mind. This means asking questions whenever necessary and taking time to research and explore the travel destinations. When embarking on a trip, remember research is an important part of familiarization and shouldn’t be ignored.

What inspired you to get started in this business?

Well, I became fascinated by the world around us. The inter-connectivity of the internet makes everything possible. Learning how to leverage that is a challenge when you’re running a business that’s not focused thereon. With all of the changes and markets that open up daily, it’s hard to keep up with it. I find the challenge exhilarating and enjoyable. Delivering steady traffic for my client’s projects is something I take great pride in.

Given your experience through travelling, what advice would you give to younger talents in your industry? 

Do not go with the first idea; there’s a better one lurking around the corner. There’s a lot of information out there, you need to be able to break through the noise, and there’s no one way to do that. You can get to your audience through a door, or a window or a hole in the roof, or a patch in the ground, find your opening and break through the noise. Make them see you. 

What business books have inspired you?

I should read more business books. I read more fiction and social behaviors research than I do business related books. My wife has a better handle on that sort of thing. I know how to get into the mind of our target audiences and reach for the results we are looking for. She pays the taxes.

What do you think it is that makes you successful?

Every client becomes a friend and I hate to let my friends down. This has been my guide for everything and every project I work on because they are each developing their own special thing. We get to be a part of that special thing and together we are able to build their creation. You always push yourself to do more for your friends, thus all of my clients become my friends. By making my friends successful I am successful.


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