As the covid-19 pandemic ravaged the world over the past year and a half, one significant segment of the population has been severely impacted in an unprecedented way: children. With social distancing regulations in full effect and kids left isolated in their homes with their families, the globe’s youngsters have had minimal chance to interact with their fellow kids. Now, as the return to school brings children face-to-face with their own generation for the first time in over a year, teachers are faced with a newfound issue on how to teach positive relationships and interactions to these impressionable youth. Fortunately for educational professionals everywhere, former school teacher Lauren Grabois Fischer has the answer in spades, laying out uplifting lessons through her collection of children’s books, The Be Books.

Tapping deep into social-emotional learning concepts, which help implement better self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills, Grabois Fischer’s books offer a fresh and engaging way to encourage kids to interact with one another in an uplifting way. This form of behavioural education is widely touted by experts as integral to creating positive and thriving children, a welcome method after the year and a half of pandemic-borne seclusion that’s made all that more fun by Grabois Fischer’s colourful series.

The collection of eight, all available in school-friendly paperbacks and durable hardcovers, teach a variety of uplifting concepts from gratitude, self-love, and accepting others as they are. Having been given little example on how to interact with their classmates beforehand, children who read entries from The Be Books are given an unrivalled display on how to treat others and to be a good friend to their fellow kids, setting them up for success for their ultimate decade-plus to come in the school system and their lives thereafter.

“We all need to see our own greatness within and we need to be confident and proud of who we are,” Grabois Fischer urges in her own personal note to readers in her first book, Be Who You Were Meant to Be. “We are sometimes taught to judge and criticize others. Instead, we need to build each other up and be proud of our successes. We need to encourage each other and support each other.

Each and every book in The Be Books collection likewise features worksheets and discussion questions in their backs, allowing for teachers to easily integrate these positive concepts into classroom dynamics through the curriculum neatly laid out in the back. Parents too, who wish to prep their kids before they begin school, will also benefit from these simple to follow and engrossing pages, making their children’s transition into an educational environment with other kids more streamlined than ever before.

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