Gone are the days when only men used to work while women tend to manage the household and look after the kids. In this modern age, things are changing rapidly and for good reasons. The digital age has opened new avenues for people of all ages and professions. From a 7-year-old boy, working professional, to senior citizens, everyone is taking advantage of digitalization in various ways. They’re creating YouTube channels, sharing their life stories, and teaching others through their existing knowledge. Today, we’re going to talk about another powerful story of Melody Hans, a South African model, and learn how she is breaking the stereotypes among girls and women in the country.

Since her early days of childhood, Melody was focused and serious about her life and career. South African culture has deeply influenced her heart and mind. And she is proud of that. Due to her confident persona and focused mindset, she managed to breakthrough in the African modeling industry at such a young age. And to everybody’s surprise, she earned a lot of name and fame in just a few years.

Born on 6 March 1996, Melody spent most of her childhood in Pietermaritzburg, which is the capital of KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa. Situated alongside the Msunduzi River valley, the city is home to hundreds of tourist attractions and vacation spots. It has a rich history that is remembered by people from all sections. 

As she grew up in the city, she came to know about the modeling industry. Without giving it a second thought, Sharon decided to become a model and make her parents proud. Although she didn’t have any idea about modeling, her expressive nature and mesmerizing beauty helped her gain confidence and become aware of it. It’s no wonder why she has garnered hundreds and thousands of fans across South Africa. Her pleasing face and confident behavior have helped her stay on top of the modeling industry. Moreover, Sharon has also started her own business MHC Bar (Melly’s Hair & Cosmetics), and became the founder. 

Slowly and gradually, Melody understood and knew how the modeling industry works. And without wasting any further time, she decided to become a social media influencer and started her own YouTube channel. As discussed above, the digital age has provided a platform for everyone to showcase their talent and share their knowledge with the target audience. And Sharon was also among those who took full benefit of this modern age.

To date, she managed to get love from hundreds of subscribers who are keen on watching her share valuable tips and guides on makeup. In a very period, Sharon has become a well-known makeup artist and YouTube personality. And in the coming times, she will build a large fan base of more than a million people. Apart from being a YouTuber, Sharon is also an aspiring author and singer. In her free time, she likes to pen down her thoughts and feelings and share them with the world.

As for her plans, Sharon has goals to work with various notable designers, media personalities, and fashion magazines to spread her word further in the make-up and modeling industry. In the coming times, she is going to reach out to brands that are into influencer marketing.

Melody Hans is engaged with the well-known and striking businessmen, Ref Wayne. And during her struggling days, Ref has helped Melly in many ways. To all the age-old thinking people in African and worldwide, Sharon Melody stands tall as the live example of a women entrepreneur. By working day and night, Melody is breaking all stereotypes towards girls in the country.