Even in 2019 women face roadblocks men don't. This is especially true in the tech industry. These 3 up-and-coming women show how it is done and act as shining examples.

Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg are recognized as tech leaders across the globe. But when we talk about female tech heroines, most people struggle to name one.

There are far fewer women in the tech industry, but awards and conferences dedicated to them show us that the world is indeed pushing for women to take the lead. For now, equal opportunities for women remains an issue to be solved.

bitgrit, a tech company with the aim to decentralize AI, flips the social norm and does it from Japan, a country infamous for its controversial corporate culture. Virtually every department is under female management.

Shikha Agrawal,
ML Engineer

In Japan, women fill less than 10% of management roles depending on the industry. For bitgrit, it’s the opposite.

Speeches are held, handshakes are made, and screens upon screens get filled with code while they work on bitgrit’s new cutting edge decentralized AI platform to make AI-solutions more accessible and democratic on a global scale.

With ‘crowd-sourced AI’, they help bring together passionate data scientists from around the world and connect them to companies in need.

Ms. Arora at the World Data Science Forum vol.3 in Dubai.
Ms. Varshney (left) with bitgrit colleagues Joey Bertschler (middle) and John Keyser (right) at the Nikkei AI Summit in Tokyo

At bitgrit, they bring together passionate data scientists from around the world and connect them to companies in need of AI solutions.

Working remote, unlocking inaccessible talent

Technological progress has brought upon a lot of change. New jobs, new challenges, new norms. More and more people work ‘remotely’, removing barriers and making it possible for companies to tap into a pool of talent previously inaccessible.

These female leaders at bitgrit understand the opportunity and challenges and have helped create a more than 5000 people strong data science community.

Share of Americans working from home.

And surely, one can’t argue with the results. There are thousands upon thousands of data scientists ‘locked’ in their place because of various social barriers – but things are changing.

“What’s more important than your achievements and degrees is whether you match with the company’s thought process or not.”

Ms. Varshney on employment in Japan

Ms. Varshney, just like Ms. Agrawal and Ms. Arora, originally come from an entirely different background. Equipped with a cosmopolitan mindset, they deploy their skills across the globe and help others to follow suit.

There are many inspiring women leading in tech. As role models, they have helped empower women to reach their career goals in a market known to be especially difficult to succeed in not just for women, but for anybody.

“You take your life in your own hands, and what happens? A terrible thing, no one to blame.”– Erica Jong

The indices on gender equality in India are controversial. It’s not much better in Japan with the country taking the 110th place on the gender equality report by the World Economic Forum.

Multi-Cultural Edge

Having studied, traveled and worked abroad, these women have built a cosmopolitan mindset and cultural understanding enabling them to effectively manage and lead beyond borders. These skills are crucial as bitgrit’s projects and offices stretch upon multiple jurisdictions in Estonia, India, and Japan.