What are the main video sharing platforms, and why are the differences between them?

Campaigns made by social influences on both YouTube as well as Facebook have had varying success, and the difference between the two is stark.

One of the styles of videos which perform better on YouTube in comparison to Facebook is the ‘vlog’ (video blogs), which differs to videos which do better on Facebook, mainly comedy videos or TV clips.

The reason for this is most likely the fact that Facebook is a sharing platform, and people are more likely to share something that is short, sweet, and funny.

This differs to YouTube, which has a niche target audience, and people subscribe due to the fact that they want This public v personal platform is important to understand if you want to maximise your number if views.

On YouTube, it’s the people, and not the actual content (as such) which the audience cares about, whilst on Facebook it is the content, and not the creators that people are more interested in.

Due to the fact that there is less competition on Facebook, it is easier to get a large amount of views easier than YouTube. A reason we have thought of is due to the fact that there is less competition on Facebook – as they do not have ad revenue unlike YouTube (so people who don’t have any promoters will not get any money). This does however, make it easier for people who do have sponsors to get a larger number of views as it isn’t as competitive a market.

What did you do to start in this type of business, and who helped give you the ideas?

First and foremost, the business venture PromoAffiliates, was able to acquire almost a billion subscribers for some apps and technological services like Lyft, uber as well as Shipt among others. That along with my passion in producing videos while in high school made people begin taking note of me.

Soon, I was approached by other online users to assist them in expanding their online presence. Quite a number of people had approached me and before I realized it I had plenty of friends who had different social media accounts each with different content. That is how promo affiliates was born. I requested my friends if they could help me in mentioning PromoAffiliates in their content and they gladly did it. It was a huge success and soon I had to expand into other sections like the social influencer as well as YouTube star.

Which counsel would you give someone hoping to venture into the field?

In life there are two outcomes, either a success or a lesson. And no one always wins (look at people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs). I have has some losses, including making a feature film which has resulted in no revenue, and although that’s disappointing, but from that I gambled and moved to Los Angeles with $64 to my name, no car, and no bank account. The way that I made money was though working hour upon hour, working 100 hours a week mopping until I found opportunities.

The thing that I am trying to tell you is that anything you want to do is possible as long as you have the right attitude, and constantly improving yourself in every way. This can even be done by making sure you are around people that help you, ones that give constructive criticism, those who are able to hold conversations that don’t revolve around the latest celebrity scandal.


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