For the past five years, Megan Ladd has helped all kinds of ambitious women — from Forbes 30 Under 30 CEOs to VPs of Fortune 100 companies — break free from exhaustion and approach their work in ways that energize and fulfill them. 

As a former overachiever and recovering perfectionist herself, Megan is no stranger to burnout. After years of pushing herself to do more, Megan reached her own personal breaking point. Totally exhausted, she was inspired to discover a new, more sustainable approach to success.

The method she discovered — and now teaches — is the same one she has used in her own life to turn commonly stressful situations (like online dating, losing weight, wedding planning, and growing a thriving business) into journeys that were fun and fulfilling.

In Megan’s words: “Once I experienced the alternative of success without struggle, I knew that my purpose was to help other women fulfill their purposes with a full cup, too.”

Megan’s unique approach is broken down into three simple steps. First, she teaches business owners how to stop the patterns that are currently burning them out. Then, Megan and her clients create customized 5-year plans that support their personal and professional goals. Finally, Megan shows her clients how to follow through with their plans sustainably, so they never have to worry about burning out again.

The biggest shift Megan’s clients experience is learning how to stop putting so much pressure on themselves. By boosting their confidence and breaking free of perfectionism, her clients stop grinding away in their businesses and exhausting themselves in the process.

As Megan explains, “When you truly believe in yourself and your success, you let go of the need to push so hard, prove yourself, and constantly be in hustle mode. You give yourself permission to enjoy the process when you’re working, and turn your mind off when you’re not. This ultimately gives you access to higher-level thinking, creative ideas and solutions, and the energy to see those ideas through.”

Whether it be getting their products assorted at Whole Foods, receiving $4M in seed funding from the renowned VC firm, Techstars, or filling their private coaching practices, Megan’s approach has delivered successful results for entrepreneurs of all backgrounds time and time again.

Her clients experience massive success in their work, along with more ease, joy, and fun across the board. Which, as Megan shares, is “the ultimate win-win.”

Megan Ladd is a Burnout Coach who teaches female entrepreneurs how to avoid physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion while scaling their businesses. Megan previously worked in the entertainment industry at Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox before she joined self-help author Danielle LaPorte’s team. She simultaneously began her study in Spiritual Psychology, fell in love with coaching, and started her own practice.

Megan’s specialty is helping ambitious women create thriving personal lives that fuel their businesses in a fun and sustainable way. She teaches her clients how to get it all done, in the hours they set, and be fully present during their personal time off.

You can follow Megan on Instagram @Megladd and learn more about her work at