Meet The ”Fearless Female Coach” Bringing A New Breath Of Hope & Courage

“Be Extraordinary,” says Birgit Yegülalp. We are all unique beings created with a specific purpose to fulfill in the universe. As such, it is always upon us to strive and get off our comfort zones to experience the impeccable fruits of the universe. Birgit focuses on empowering you to face your fears, especially when you feel stuck. She aims to help you break loose from both internal and external barriers that hinder you from living your life to the fullest. Nature cherishes uniqueness mainly because it goes through a greater length to achieve it. However, change does not happen rapidly; rather, it follows a sequential process designed to achieve maximum success. Brigit believes that by learning the secret of applying the SWOT ( Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) analysis on a personal level, you will improve yourself and gain insights on how to go about your challenges to become a better self.

Introducing Birgit Yegulalp

Birgit Yegulalp is a beautiful and go-getter philanthropist. She is the owner and CEO of   Cheering With Birgit Podcast: Coaching, Training and POdcast. Her primary goal is to empower you with the necessary skills to empower you to face your fears and break loose from the bottlenecks that may inhibit your progress.

Birgit’s life featured many instances of challenges that often weighed heavily on her. Nonetheless, she never let loose her zeal to pass through them. What strongly pushed Birgit was her enthusiastic attitude of holding on through the storm and deriving the vital lesson from her failures and painful experience. 

Birgit highlights some of the major challenges she struggled to overcome. For years Birgit struggled with gaining happiness and suffered from mild depression and restlessness. The condition was mainly attributed to her father’s condition (His father was diagnosed with a blood cancer called multiple myeloma). She ended up postponing her traveling escapades meant to expound more on her scuba diving inner drive and passion. The situation led her to develop an excessive eating habit that led her to feel obese. A condition that impacted negatively on her self confidence.

Birgit made up her mind to stop feeling sorry for herself and rather take positive action. Her first initiative led her to take a 10 days retreat and meditation course, which slowly helped her open up her inner feelings to talk about her experiences freely. She later took the initiative to pursue her passionate hobby of scuba diving fully. During her sabbatical in the first 3 months of 2018, she decided to go from divemaster to open water scuba instructor.

Birgit is looking forward to launching her first online training and coaching podcast for her clients. The pre-launching and registration start on Monday, February 15th, while the new podcast is slated to premiere on March 1st. 

The lessons derived from Birgit include:

Learn Your Strength

It is vital to identify your strength. Learning about your strong points will enable you to become more productive, perform better, engage more, and most importantly, enjoy working and living your life to the fullest.

Birgit defines strength as a unique combination of your skills, talent, knowledge, and experience. We all exhibit various strengths. Some are easily identified, while others require third parties support to unravel. It is therefore important to take that initiative to understand and invest in your strong areas in life.

Identify your Weakness

Understanding both your strengths and weaknesses helps you to function better. Getting a clear view of your weaknesses helps you to gain a clearer understanding of things that often hold you back. You will be able to improve on your weaknesses only at that point when you will be able to identify them specifically.

Look and Explore Available Opportunities

Conducting in-depth research on your field of interest will keep you at the frontline and lead you to find opportunities earlier. Birgit highlights that most people cannot tap through good opportunities because of fear of rejection or failure. Since none of the human beings are perfect, it is important to try out severally as often many of such opportunities have positive implications to your life.

Keep an Eye on The Threat That May Endanger Your Progress

Birgit emphasizes that tactically identifying your threats is the first step to reducing your risk to some point. Furthermore, some inevitable risks can easily be mitigated if identified way before hand. 

To learn more on how to counter the effects that bring about fear in your life, get in touch with Brigit through her social media handles, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.