To attain equanimity in the experience of happiness or grief or ‘samabhava’ (Sanskrit), to reside in a place of “bliss” that is eternal and not disturbed by what arises and passes through us and around us, we have to travel to the void that surrounds our ‘knowing’.

This great void is our connector to the unknown. The abstractness of this void is uncomfortable, searing through us and makes us want to run away from it through incessant occupation with thoughts, actions and intentions to avoid facing it.

Through our daily practice of mindful consciousness and raising our consciousness, we reach this void, meet it and become comfortable with it. This is the experience of the Cosmic Unknown, Supreme, Divine or the Black Hole or the Great void!

Our excessive engagement at the dense physical matter level makes us fearful when we momentarily become aware of this large void. Whether it is a personal loss of some kind, or an illness, some moments take us closer to this void than others. If it is not a conscious aware process to walk into the void, it scares us!

However, once you learn to “fall”, “surrender” and “accept” the existence of this void as the biggest reality around us, you come “Home”! The void cannot be filled by anyone or anything, and that experience scares human minds which are so conditioned to attachments. Love is equated with attachment all the time. When you don’t feel attached to something, you fear losing it. In the void, you can just be! In the void, attachments don’t convey fulfillment of love or fear of loss.

That eternal “bliss” which does not require healing or fixing or transcending is all yours forever available when you learn to enter and accept the void !

So, start accessing it to accept it! Start where you are! Much of what we think we need would start dropping away!

The stories and repeating unfulfilling patterns we create in our lives unconsciously when we attempt (and we all do!) to attract and acquire things, people and situations to fill the void instead of conscious meeting and acceptance of the void – well, those are significant and deep enough to warrant separate attention.

Stay tuned! ❤?

(P.S.- the “we” and “you” I mostly use interchangeably in my writing come from my experiential journey and the desire to share it and encourage you to pursue your personal truths?)