If you are a fan of the written word and haven’t yet come across her work— let us introduce you to international literary sensation, Dr. Abeer Fahim. People around the world look to her for inspiration and enlightenment.

A Stellar Academic reputation

This remarkable woman is a powerful academic expert specializing in English and Literature. She holds an MA in English Literary Studies and a PHD in American Literature conferred by Durham University in England. She presently works as an Assistant Professor of English of Abu Dhabi Polytechnic, Institute of Applied Technology in the UAE.

A powerful and prolific speaker, Dr. Fahim has presented at many high profile forums such as conferences held at Harvard University, Oxford University, Durham University and Dartmouth College. She has also appeared as a speaker on TedX, her topic being “Reading and the Narratives of Life.” She used this talk to turn the spotlight on the connections between literature and empathy.

A “Self-Help Novel”

She is also an exceptional writer. She has authored many inspirational poems and quotes as well as longer works such as her novel Her Seven Days in Bali, which has attracted rave reviews from her adoring fans, including one who described the novel as “self-help in a story .” The novel, which was published in 2019 follows a journey of self-acceptance experienced by a woman blindsided by divorce. Many readers attest to being empowered and inspired by the story. The story has been lauded as a life changing narrative that holds powerful lessons for people, especially women who face adverse situations in life.

A Passion to Help Others

Dr. Fahim is driven by a passion for improving others’ lives. In her own words she believes that ‘… literature can be a powerful gateway to understanding ourselves and others’.  To this end, she has reached out to the world with her literary creations. On her social media pages, she posts words of wisdom, carefully and skillfully coined to nudge those who need it towards greater levels of self-confidence and acceptance. Her drive to help empower others is the motivation behind one of her most successful projects, an Facebook page entitled ‘Juliet Turns the Page’ which has become a magnet for people seeking inspiration.

‘Juliet Turns the Page’ has amassed a whopping 147,000 followers. Her Instagram page is followed by more than 32,000 adoring fans and the numbers keep increasing daily.  Many people wait enthusiastically for her posts and live videos on Instagram, and many credit her work as the inspiration that has prodded them on journeys of self-improvement and enlightenment.

A Brilliant Future in Store

Dr. Fahim continues to put in the hard work daily, in a bid to ensure that her swiftly growing audience’s craving for her literary creations is satiated. She is currently working on two books ‘The Glass Will Always be Half Empty’ and ‘Stars in the Wrong Sky’ and she never ceases to conceptualize and release inspirational poems and messages.

This extraordinary woman has made a bold and powerful mark on the academic and social media world and the current trends indicate that she will not stop there.