Dr. Nathan Culver, founder, and CEO of Culver Enterprises is a multi-faceted entrepreneur. Culver Enterprises focuses on assisting small businesses to increase their profit margin, as well as being a financial solutionist that helps to manage financial growth and development. He has developed affordable financial service packages to educate business owners and entrepreneurs to develop a plan for financial freedom and success.

Dr. Culver was born in New Jersey and is now based in Atlanta, Georgia. He has expertise in the subjects of finance and entrepreneurship, with a background in accounting. Speaking with Dr. Culver, he explained that he started his financial service company servicing local small businesses in New Jersey to help grow their business, and also to assist these business owners with keys to grasping financial literacy. Dr. Culver strives to educate business owners on how to financially grow a business from the ground up. He not only partners with business owners and entrepreneurs, but he also is a master at providing personal financial coaching on areas including personal budget development, debt reduction, and achieving financial freedom.

From his website, culverenterprisesinc.com, Dr. Culver provides The Virtual CFO services as part of his service package for small businesses, non-profit organizations, and other services. Also on the website, visitors are able to connect with Dr. Culver through social media to book consultations. In his consultations, Dr. Culver dives into the heart of the business owner. He goes into aspects such as learning the ultimate goal and vision of the business, personal financial goals, completing an analysis to determine the needs for financial development, structuring his services to meet the needs of the client, and educating and empowering clients to learn the ins and outs for optimal development.

Dr. Nathan Culver has a major heart and passion for assisting people with achieving their financial goals and dreams. Not many consultants are able to effectively consult both small business and personal financial needs. Considering himself as The Influencer, Dr. Culver uses his financial acumen to help raise his clients’ finances to the next level, and even that is an understatement!! Take Dr. Culver at his word. Let him help take your vision, and put that vision into a legitimate financial plan for success!! Dr. Nathan Culver, The Influencer is a financial strategist, speaker, and author who focuses on empowering individuals to become impactful in their industry. You can connect with him on social media by following him @drnathanculver on Instagram, @drnathanculver on Twitter, and @drnathanculver on Facebook.