Have you ever wished to make a change in the world? Have you ever wanted to make an impact and transform something in the world around you? If you said yes, then you should hear about the team at HumanityUp whose mission is to do just that.

HumanityUp is a group of young changemakers from across the globe who came together because they saw a brighter future for humanity. Their mission is to connect other global changemakers into a community across the globe. Representing over 11 countries, these young leaders are role models for change and unity across the borders of culture, ethnicity, language, and religion. They aspire to empower, uplift, and inspire other young people to stand up for what they believe in.

During the past year we have seen a rise in youth activism, especially with the climate strikes that have spread across the world led by climate activist Greta Thunberg. Young activists and advocates across the globe have been empowered by these rising movements and have begun to rise up for what they stand for.

HumanityUp Speaking on Stage at Mindvalley University 2019

HumanityUp supports these young global changemakers by providing a community and a platform to connect with one another so that they together can create an even bigger change. They have created an ambassador program for young leaders to represent their country and spread awareness to others in their community about the issues their country is facing.

We are committed to uniting humanity


The HumanityUp team has been involved in numerous projects and campaigns regarding refugees, women’s rights, climate action, education, and orphanages. Their values are love, unity, and responsibility because they believe that every action should be done through love, that unity is what will ultimately bring peace to our world, and that we each have the responsibility to take care of our planet and our future.

It’s initiatives like these that give hope of a brighter and more peaceful future for our world. Let’s empower more young changemakers across the world to take their future into their hands and begin crafting a legacy of love, peace, unity and change.