There are millions of people around the world who dream of success and thrive for it, but only the selected are there. Who put on the time and efforts in making their dream come true. Vikram Jadhav is one such guy who not only dreamed of becoming a, but he worked for achieving it too.

Vikram is a real example of hard work and dedication. Being born and bought up in a middle-class family, it was tough for him to pursue a passion that requires an insane amount of physical effort and a considerable amount of money regularly. Body Building requires a lot of time and money. Even if we keep aside the hard work, The diet of a bodybuilder is so expensive. It is so hard to bear the amount of money for ordinary people, And Vikram also faced these type of financial issues in his process of achieving his dream.

The good thing was in Vikram’s life is that his whole family knew about his passion, and they all supported him in achieving his dream. Despite the amount of time and money, it required everyone kept their faith in him and helped him. His mother made one of the most significant sacrifices for Vikram by selling mangalsutra just so that he can bear the expenses of his diet and supplements.

The sacrifices of his family and his hard work finally paid off when Vikram Jadhav won the silver medal in the national junior bodybuilding competition. The journey from a middle-class boy who was struggling to fulfill the primary need of his training now spends 50k to 1 lac rupees on his training every month. Vikram also trains hundreds of people in the gym uses the money on for diet and exercise. He is also training 8 hours a day himself and preparing for international competitions.