Fitness and Nutrition go hand-in-hand. While many people hit the gym in blind wisdom that machines will give them the path to a lean and healthy body, they forget that diet and managing meal times correctly is the key to a healthy lifestyle.


While doing Master’s in Education & Spanish, Meeta Vengapally had never imagined herself giving out healthy-living tips and neither becoming the CEO of Garnysh – a Silicon Valley-based fitness-tech company which helps its subscribers to leave the concern of planning a good diet to its app. It offers subscribers customized prepped meal plans which a person aiming for a specific fitness goal can make use of.

There are a number of fitness apps in the market that track macro indicators of diet such as proteins, carbs, and exercise. Yet, many of these numbers do not add up in the improved performance. This is because they miss the essential components customized for each person. Garnysh attempts to bridge this gap by going the extra mile of not only planning and designing the meal plans but also coordinating and prepping the food items with local suppliers and getting it delivered at the doorstep.

How did everything start?

Meeta was a typical Indian girl with remarkable grades where she graduated Masters with highest honors. Soon, her thesis was published. Eventually, she got involved in various entrepreneurial tasks and also managed to become a social media influencer. Today, she prides on being able to associate herself with more than 500 brands.

She was also invited to the Ms. USA Pageant on a full scholarship. However, the real test of her life began when she had her two kids while pursuing graduation. She faced major challenges in shedding the weight and getting back into shape. While CrossFit came to her rescue, she realized there were no apps to keep track of her diet and the ones that did exist, did not help much. Thus, Garnysh was born with an aim to be the last-mile support for all those looking to create a healthy diet.

The company has recently introduced its Badazz Bod app which is meant to give users an idea to help manage their bodies and own it with pride.

Entrepreneurial Zeal

Meeta is a tough cookie in a boisterous world of entrepreneurship. She has been hit on by men in business deals which she has learned to handle along with sheer biases and criticisms that women entrepreneurs face. She is a proponent of women supporting each other to create a safety net of support when required in personal and business life.

Future Goals

Recognized by Forbes on several occasions, Meeta is constantly thriving to build a community of fitness experts where people can co-join and assist each other. The company is bootstrapped and started with her personal funds just as Meeta calls it her “third baby”. It became cash positive in the first year of operations itself which is an achievement in itself. Meeta now foresees it as becoming a force to bring the society at large as a conscious health seeker.

With a spot-on app for fitness issues, and a family that supports her business mind, Meeta is waiting to rule the world.