Meet Dee Tozer, the most experienced Infidelity Repair Couples Master Coach in Australia, possibly worldwide. Having guided almost 4,800 couples over three decades, that experience would be hard to beat. 

“What is different about your approach to guiding couples out of crisis and back to love?” 

Answer: “The difference is that my approach is to create fast shifts. To bring relief within the shortest possible time for couples in distress. I work with high-performing people who would never trudge along to therapy sessions.  It’s based on knowing what works best for this niche. It’s knowing how they operate. It’s a niche that seeks out and values the best expert guidance in every aspect of their world.” 

What is a Couples Master Coach? 

Answer: “It is a highly specialized Couples & Relationship expert with additional Master Life Coaching certification.”

What does a highly specialized expert do that other Couples Therapists don’t do? 

Answer: “The highly specialized expert draws on the breadth and depth of experience that can only be accumulated from working with vast numbers of couples in combination with comprehensive learnings across all globally recognized modalities. It’s not a cookie-cutter, ‘one size fits all’ therapy, which is often the case with couples therapists. It’s not just the “luck of the draw” of which therapist’s office one walks into. 

The highly specialized expert knows how to bring out the best in each partner by applying the optimal blend of relationship repair knowledge and coaching techniques curated over three decades. 

Knows what to tap into and knows how to guide the hammer precisely to bring their love engine back to life. 

Has the ability to connect directly into the hearts and minds of high achievers to bring about sustainable relationship repair.” 

What is meant by an integrated fusion of all the various modalities of couples therapy, marriage counseling, and master life coaching? 

Answer: “The various mainstream modalities include but are not limited to Emotionally Focussed Therapy, Gottman’s Structured Therapy, Relational Life Therapy, Psychobiological Therapy, Solution Focussed Therapy, Imago and more. Highly skilled expertise lets me know which pieces of the above apply to specific couples, plus when and how to blend the various parts. Finally, this is merged together to bring about desired shifts; hence I refer to this as Integrated Fusion.”

Why is this fusion so important? 

Answer: “This fusion enables my elite couples to achieve the positive transformation they want in the shortest time frame – which is fast – over several weeks instead of many, many months. . This is made possible by expert assessing of their situation and drawing on key parts of various modalities to facilitate quick shifts in consciousness to implement mindful adjustments immediately.”

To find out more about Dee Tozer’s services and get some professional advice from her, please just visit her website now and Book a Free Session.


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