Dang Tra Xuan Minh is a famous hotteen face in the online community and is loved by many young people because of his handsome appearance, inspirational voice and ability to play many instruments. Xuan Minh is 18 years old, currently living in Danang and studying information technology at FPT University.

We had a talk with Xuan Minh to better understand the life, personality, passion and plans for the future of this handsome male student.

Hi Xuan Minh, judged to be one of the good-looking male students and sing well, what do you think about this?

Those are some people who call me that. Although I don’t know what it’s really like, I’m happy. As for singing, it is a passion. I hope I will try to train to be able to succeed in the future to deserve the trust and support of everyone.

What is character like Xuan Minh in real life?

In real life, I am gentle, approachable, sociable and often yield to others, but when working, I am very strict and careful. I’m shy but when I talk a lot, I always want to make people laugh when I talk to me.

Xuan Minh share about your passion for music and the chance to bring you to music?

I love music so I can sing and play many types of instruments. Although my family does not have anyone to do art, but from an early age I fell in love with and passion for art. Whenever I see a music program on the TV, I often like to sing along and dance to the music. The love keeps growing and now I become my passion. I took piano lessons in the summer of 9th grade from an older brother and it was also a chance to bring me to the art path. My parents are very supportive of my passion for the arts. On the occasion of last Tet, I made my first music video marking the age of 18, the MV was covered by the song “Tet Coming Soon” (Go To Return 4) “by Phan Manh Quynh. The debut MV so everything is not as perfect as I expected. But I hope that everyone will receive it as a gift for my New Year to send to those who love me.

Besides music, what is Xuan Minh passionate about?

In addition to music, I am especially passionate about information technology – this is the field that I am studying at FPT University. In addition, I also like to play sports, take photos and travel.

How is your plan for Minh’s future to pursue your dream?

I will develop in parallel both the IT career I have chosen and my passion for singing. Currently, I am trying to improve myself and my voice to open myself to a brighter future.

Thank you Xuan Minh for this interview and wish you soon release more music products so that the online community and your love will enjoy more of the better works.


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