So much epic awesomeness coming through me this week. When I personally lean into my fears I get to serve so much greater. I get to hear my intuition more clearly and channel those divine downloads. It’s all so easy and flows so naturally. I open up to receive more so I give more. BOOM! Easy and fun.

It’s the leaning into fear bit that gets us tripped up. I have faced my own demons time and time again over the years. My go-to mechanism of action was to take on the “warrior princess” persona. I thought that I just had to stand firm with my armor and put up my dukes. Muscle up, go to battle and crush my fears. Knock ‘em down and forge through. I had this unconscious commitment to being tough and always being in fight mode. 

No wonder why I was exhausted and cranky all the time. I was getting my ass kicked. So yes…I perceived that I was winning all these battles against my fears but I was losing the war. You don’t ever conquer fear and if you believe that like I did then you’ll notice that it just keeps coming back bigger and bigger and you just keep showing up more tired and frustrated. 

What I have finally come to learn is that fear is actually the greatest gift from the universe. It shows up as resistance and can take on myriad of forms but it reveals itself to us so that we can expand into the next greatest expression of ourselves. You already contain all the greatness inside of you as a divine human being and the universe does her beautiful part to support us in expressing all your gifts by putting resistance in your field.

It’s just like the gym. You load your muscles with resistance so they adapt and grow stronger. If there is no load there is no growth. 

So how do you handle fear? Do you take on the warrior persona like I used to? Do you run and hide? Do you numb yourself to it with wine, food, sex, busy work?

What finally worked for me was to adopt the practice of full expansiveness BEFORE I face the fear so that I get to receive more expansion as I step through it. Instead of fighting it I simply BE with it. I open up my heart and ask 2 simple questions:

1-Can I love and accept this pain/fear/resistance as it is right now? Can I fully embrace this current situation?

2-What would be possible in this situation? What else can I create?

When you open up your heart through gratitude and curiosity you radiate the frequency of love. When love meets the fear it simply melts. And you gracefully pass through to epic awesomeness on the other side. 

I love love love this experience so much. It is always in practice. And what I notice is that it gets easier and more fun every time. I now receive with so much more excitement. I am excited to be thankful. I am excited to be in a state of wonder. I am excited to expand and open my heart wide to GROWTH!

Here is a great workout to supplement your spiritual fitness. To grow into your state of peak existence. So SYKED for your expansion.

With so much love,

If you are desiring more support as you seek your light, liberation and expansion then I am here to assist you. Send me a message and we can talk about it.