For a lot of people, music is still one of the most pure forms of poetry. For Crash Barbosa, poetry happened to be his ticket into the music industry. With a dark style in tone and lots of social references, Crash decided to start making music. In order to do so, he re-structured his poetry to match rhythms and instrumentals. He quickly noticed the power in his voice as opposed to written words; that instantly sparked an interest.

According to Crash, surrounding yourself with the right people is fundamental in discovering raw talent as an artist. As someone who has dealt with many hardships in the past, Crash believes speaking on political, social, and mental health problems is absolutely necessary in today’s world.

With a style that can only be described as his own, Crash’s sound is truly like no other. For many of his followers, it isn’t just the music they grow so attached to, but it is his admirable character, lovable personality, and outspokenness on political activism and mental health.

Crash is known for speaking his mind and telling it how it is at all times. Instead, he focuses his attention on using his platform to speak on serious injustices. According to him, making music shouldn’t just be about selling records; but rather it should be about elevating what you stand for.

Through hard work and determination, Crash Barbosa has proven that having a large following and fanbase is truly an opportunity to give voice to injustices. Only a true artist would understand the importance of bringing awareness of socioeconomic, political, or mental health issues in today’s pandemic-riddled world.

Whether it’s producing music, writing songs, or making videos, Crash sincerely believes that it is his duty to show love, commitment, and dedication to his fans; memoirs of a true artist.

As a poet and leader at heart, Crash Barbosa has a lot in store for his future in the music industry.