People speak of “back in the day” like their best days are behind them. Don’t fall for it. Let the power of your mind move you toward your dreams, creating meaningful memories along the way.

Life is hard, and you may have experienced more than your share of setbacks and hurdles. Don’t quit. There are so many stories of men and women who came close to reaching their destiny, yet stopped just short of it. Set your mind on what you want, put blinders on, and pursue it with everything you have in you. Pay no attention to the detractors and naysayers. They have “opinions,” but they have no authority over your life.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to pick yourself up and take the road less traveled. Down the road as you take time to reflect, you will have created memories and impacted people in a positive way. Just begin…


  • John Harrell

    Life is to be lived, not merely existed through.

    John Harrell manages a successful business, writes a daily inspirational blog, and regularly engages in public speaking. His audiences include corporations, trade associations, college students and incarcerated children - truly a “captive” audience. In 2018, Harrell published his first book, “Killing My Father Then Finding Him” which became a number-one bestseller the first day of publication on Amazon.   John is a fortunate survivor of childhood physical and emotional abuse. Because of his upbringing, Harrell is able to connect with struggling children, offering hope to kids in sometimes hopeless situations. Our futures are not limited by our circumstances. Everyone has the power to break the generational malady of abuse, and live a meaningful and full life.   Harrell serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Rachel’s Challenge, the largest program in the world which focuses on kindness and compassion. Named for Rachel Joy Scott, the first child killed at Columbine High School, Rachel’s Challenge transforms the lives of almost 2 million people per year in across the globe. John lives in Austin, Texas, and is the proud father of two sons.