Many women I know have been hurt so many times in the past that they don’t believe anymore that their “special person” is waiting for them somewhere in this Universe.

They feel confused and lost… and hardly date anymore because they are afraid of falling for emotionally unavailable men and repeating the same story again and again. 

Many of them think that Men “are complicated”, “cannot be trusted” or “are not interested in a long term relationship”.

I have heard countless stories of heartbreak and what I have observed is that much of this heartbreak happens because many women misunderstand men, how they think and what makes them fall in love.

I have been one of them… I know it can be really discouraging.

That’s why I am so passionate about sharing some old wisdom about Men and emotional attraction:

*No, men are NOT that complicated.

*No, all men are not emotionally unavailable.  Some DO want to commit to a woman. 

*No, you DON’T have to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN with a man. 

*And that “feeling” like he is THE ONE… doesn’t mean he is the RIGHT ONE for YOU.

Once you learn a few things about men, and realise that they are not heartless and detached from their feelings, you begin to change your perspective on Men and Relationships.

So, let’s dive a bit deeper into “Men and Emotional Attraction”.

When a man comes near a woman he wants to know that he will be received with an open heart.

He wants to feel seen and believed in.

He wants to find a warm woman who isn’t playing games and is honest about expressing her truth and needs so he doesn’t have to guess. 

He wants to connect with her heart, laugh, feel excitement and hope… so that he can relax and escape from the pressures of the world,

Many women might feel amazing and safe, and yet…. have blocks in love.

No worries – we all do, at some point – we are notoriously triggered when we begin to date a man – all of our insecurities and ways of protecting ourselves come up to the surface.

We are so afraid of being disappointed, rejected or hurt that we fall back into old patterns:

*We lean forward… and chase the man we have just started to date… we start scanning his every move, his social media, his friends.

*We try to impress him by our achievements and everything we have done in life – a way to show him how smart strong and independent we are.

*We act like a trophy girlfriend, obsessed by the way we look. We want his friends to be almost jealous of him because he has us. 

*We try to seduce him with sex without establishing a connection with him first… his ego might love that but he won’t feel connected to us.

*We try to get into his heart by being his therapist but not actually showing him who we are. 

*We become early attached to him in an unhealthy way.


It is actually the best way to SABOTAGE LOVE.

Anytime we use any of these old patterns to get a man to love us instead of just being who we truly are, we are going to make him feel unsafe, unloved, used and disconnected from us.

All those patterns come from our shadow and our agenda.

The interesting thing about those patterns is we do them to be loved and YET they aren’t loving – neither is it loving to ourselves or to men. 

They come from unresolved self-hatred.

Many women think they know how to “lean back” but they are still operating with a man from their wounded girl.

Men can feel it… and go from pursuing hard to blowing hot and cold.

So… when you think you are leaning back… lean back even more.

And redirect all your time and energy back to yourself.

Heal your heart, awaken your soul and fully dive into the Divine feminine.

It will help you create a powerful emotional bond with a man, so he feels safe to give you his heart and sees you as his one and only. 

When you do your own part – heal your heart and rely on your Divine Feminine Energy, something surprising happens… you get out of your own way and you start enjoying this LOVE journey a lot more. It makes you highly desirable, magnetic and irresistible to men… and you end-up attracting your soul mate.

I know that it is completely normal to feel scared, to have doubts and think “Can I really transform my love life? Will it really work for me?”

I am here to remember you that I see women changing their love lives powerfully every single week.

You don’t have to sit back and continue to spend weekends and nights alone while years go by on your love life.

You don’t have to wait to attract the Soul to Soul relationship that you deeply desire… and create the sweet family you are dreaming of. 

I truly believe that if there is a deep desire, there is a way to reach a man’s heart and soul.

Sending love.



  • Gabrielle Thil

    Soul to Soul Relationship Coach

    Gabrielle Thil

    Gabrielle Thil is a  french "Soul to Soul" Relationship Coach.
    She helps women heal their heart, awaken their soul and rely on their Divine Feminine Energy so that they can build intense emotional attraction with men and finally attract the Soul to Soul relationship they have always dreamed of. 
    She truly believes that if there is a deep desire... there is a way to a man's heart and soul.
    She is passionate about guiding women on their Love Journey.