Far to long, Men have suffered in silence!

Today, you have permission to let go of the myth… that there’s weakness- in taking “a moment”.

YES! Inner Healing work is attractive. Smile.

Not taking time for yourself is self destructive, and not sustainable. This mindset is not healthy.

There is strength in taking care of yourself!

Men were raised to keep going no matter what… be strong, don’t show emotions, or cry…

So…What Does This Look Like- outside of the gym?

  1. Mentally check-in with yourself- meditate / pray (be still with your thoughts), take time to process and seek support if needed.
  2. Adjust your patterns, or practices. Make the necessary changes for positive results.
  3. Love yourself- address old wound, or issues, to ensure wholeness, not brokenness moving forward. Create new patterns for the next generation of Men.
  4. Explore: aromatherapy, mindfulness music- examples: Lavender for stress, sauna and massage to help detox.

keep In Mind

Emotional Well-Being (balance), does not take away from your MANhood. Be Well.

Jestacia Jones