“The music industry need’s artist’s to take care of their health.”

Too many premature death’s happen within the music industry. It is very important for artist’s to take care of their mental health, but too many artist’s lack taking care of their health because they are judged by other’s for their mental health disorder’s. This has become a current crisis within the music industry. Did you know the music industry professional’s frown upon artist’s with talent when they lack taking proper care of their health do to a mass number of industry death’s. Musician’s tend to be very emotional and sensitive. the majority of musician’s struggle with depression and anxiety according to studies. Fame amplifies musicians struggles as well as social media scrutiny. Meeting deadlines within the musicians career proves to cause a high level of anxiety and stress. Career success and money makes the problem worsen for many artists. It hurts every person working within the music industry to see a new artist that they invest in not taking proper care of their mental health and acting out due to past losses in the music industry due to this. SO all in all not acting out and taking proper care of your health as a musician and behaving appropriately is highly advised to any musician working with music industry professionals. Point being it is very bad when a musician runs to substance abuse when they have some success as a musician. I recommend proper care of your health and proper money management early on in any musicians career. Taking classes to manage a high level of stress and anxiety is also a good idea for any musician as early as possible in ones career.