Physical stress is one of the unwanted evils of the human adult life. Being stressed physically, undesirable as it is, is bound to happen to every actively working adult. Physical stress also tends to affect the state of a person’s mental wellbeing, and this link has been well-researched and has been proven by scientists.

Stress also has a huge impact on several other aspects of a person’s wellbeing, overall health and state of mind. The key to recovering from stress is first of all recognizing when you’re stressed and then finding ways to alleviate and treat the stress.

Naked massage has for long been one of the go-to treatments for dealing with stress in adults. It provides immediate physical relief when done with proper technique.

Massage has for long been recognized for the physical benefits it provides. Due to the existence of a link between physical wellbeing and mental wellbeing, researchers are now proving that beyond just providing instant physical relief, massage also provides lots of mental benefits for individuals.

For this reason, regular massage is recommended for healthy adults.  Regularly getting massages is key to improving your drive, state of mind and body. Studies have found that massage can help reduce anxiety, irritability and depression, in addition to providing stress relief. It has been found that massage therapy can be as powerful a treatment for mental conditions as conventional psychotherapy.

Regular massages are expensive enough that not everyone can afford them, but everyone should really consider getting a massage as often as possible. It’s been found that massage increases the level of vital chemicals dopamine and serotonin in the brain. 

The effect of increased level of these chemicals is that it makes the individual happier, and happiness is key to unlocking so many possibilities in your life and that of those around you.

Physical massage has a ton of mental and physical health benefits. Since it’s been proven that physical and mental wellbeing are linked, we’re talking about the benefits to both simultaneously.


One of the immediate benefits of a good massage is that the individual that just got massaged becomes more relaxed instantly. This improved relaxation helps improve things like blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing, and ultimately helps reduce stress and anxiety. 

This ultimately reduces the possibility of depression, as stress and anxiety have an established link to depression. Massage does this by reducing hormones linked with anxiety in the body. It is also beneficial to combine massage therapy with other treatment options to fight depression in an individual. 

Proper massages improve your mood, and reduce depression, even in those that have chronic health conditions. It also helps reduce irritability, physical pain and tension. Working regular massages into your schedule (no matter how tight) is key to feeling relaxed and keeping stress at bay.


One of the most vital parts of healthy living is getting regular and sufficient sleep every day. Getting enough sleep is key to being in a balanced mental and physical state. The improved relaxation and dopamine level massages provide help you sleep better for sure, as you’re in a relaxed state and your body just feels good. It’s been found that massage can help some individuals treat insomnia.


The primary stress hormone in the human body is known as Cortisol. Increased levels of this hormone cause feelings of exhaustion and anxiety, which is certainly not a good thing. One of the best ways to bring Cortisol level in the body down is a good massage.  It helps your body fight stress itself by bringing down cortisol levels, though the results vary according to individuals


When you get a good massage, one of the immediate and lasting effects is the feelings of anxiety and tension are suppressed. Next you feel good about yourself and your mind and body. By eliminating anxiety and stress, massage leave you feeling calm and good about yourself.


One of the effects of physical stress is that the individual affected feels drained, spent and lacking energy. It’s normal not to feel motivated to do things that need to be done when stressed. This is where massage comes in. It gives a jolt of energy to the recipient, improves circulation and washes away feelings of exhaustion.

Physical stress is bad for an individual’s wellbeing. Being stressed physically has been linked to adverse mental conditions. Massage provides a ton of physical and mental health benefits by reducing anxiety, stress, increase dopamine and reducing human stress hormone cortisol in the body.