Warren Buffet, at 90-years-old, has some common sense wisdom to give to the rest of us, especially those who are business leaders. While you may think you are already practicing it, it’s essential to make sure that self-care is a part of your daily regimen. Your body and mind have to last you a lifetime, a point that Buffet has made in the past. He believes that the things you do now will determine your path in the near AND far future. 

 To reap the benefits of his wisdom, check out these self-care rules that will help you feel better, function more efficiently, and live longer.

 Make Sure You Are Sleeping Enough

 Arianna Huffington is the founder of the Huffington Post. She says her success has been reached by several factors, making sure she gets eight hours of sleep every night. Getting the right amount of sleep for your needs will allow you to handle your daily tasks in a much better headspace.

Enjoy Work More Often

 The founder of the National Institute for Play, Stuart Brown, states that science has often shown that you’ll become more creative and adaptable when you can play around at work. He believes that the human body and mind have been designed to flourish through the act of play.

Don’t Overthink Things

 When you are in a leadership position, it is easy to overthink your every move and decision. Unfortunately, this type of behavior can backfire on you. You can get stuck in a cycle known as inaction, meaning you won’t know which way to move. Instead, choose to embrace your uncertainty. Acknowledge that you aren’t sure what to do about your problem. From there, you can let your creativity come unleashed. 

Stay As Positive As Possible 

 When you are starting to get stressed out about something, get up and start moving. Get some fresh air outside or listen to your favorite music. Stop thinking about what is bothering you. Focus on the positive thoughts that help you feel loved, safe, and accepted. Remember why you are blessed. Focusing on the positive in your life will help lessen your stressful feelings, an issue that is never good for our health and well-being.