May is mental health month. I believe every month should be mental health month.

It seems like people talk about mental health a lot, but not enough to make things change drastically. We still live in a society where there is too much suicide, too much depression, anxiety and stress, too much drug addiction, alcohol and food addiction, too much prescribed medication addiction….It’s too much for far too long!

As an advanced society, we should take care of our own people. Sometimes, it seems we do as individuals, but as a society not so much. As a society, our health priorities are all wrong. How is it possible that we can buy a $1,500 cellphone, but we can’t sign up for a gym membership? Why can we go and buy cooked food at a restaurant for at least $15 a meal either once or twice a day, but we find it expensive to spend $100 a week on produce and protein? Why is a $30 bottle of wine okay to buy, but we complain for the price of quality water? All these things affect our mental health and we resist giving these up. Our mental health depends on our choices; food, water, sleep, exercise, spiritual and intellectual lifestyle. When we neglect either of these pillars, we are decreasing brain and mind effectiveness. If the choices we make include adding drugs, alcohol, prescriptions, envy, stress, rage and isolation, we are setting ourselves up for catastrophe sooner or later. Why do we fear giving up the things that are hurting our mental and brain health? Why is it so difficult to make better choices? We are emotionally attached to the things we do daily and it makes it very difficult to stop doing them. Guess what? When you take care of your routines, eating habits and invest in your health education, you are changing all the odds of your health in the future. It makes it a thousand times easier to get better control of your mental health. Our complimentary workshops are for this. We provide you with a free open education to teach everyone that wants to do better. Ask us for our next workshop and invite a friend to join. You will change your and your friend’s health outcome.

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