Mental health influences our daily life. With satisfactory mental health, we can balance our lives. With good mental health, we can manage all types of situations. It includes psychological, emotional, and social well-being. It plays a major role in our thinking, feelings, and actions.

Factors causing mental illness

Mental health affects our lives. The factors causing mental illness are as follows:

  • Life experiences like trauma or accidents
  • Biological problems such as genes.
  • Inheritance disease

Early Symptoms

  • Poor performance in daily routine tasks.
  • Hearing unknown and unfamiliar voices
  • Believing in things that don’t exist
  • Living in memories
  • Mood swings that may affect the relationships
  • Fighting with friends and family members
  • Unusual confusion, anger, threat, and tensions
  • Excessive usage of drinks and smoking
  • Feeling hollow-mind
  • Hopeless and helpless
  • Unbalance diet
  • Disturbed sleeping cycle

Major symptoms

  1. Depression
  2. Anxiety
  3. Psychosis
  4. Schizophrenia

Mental health and visit to Australia

When we shift to another country, we may face difficulty in adjusting to the new environment.

The reasons may be lack of.

  • Language barrier
  • Loss of family
  • Family support
  • Community support

Mental health may make you sad

Yes, you read it write. It may make you sad unexpectedly. The difference in climate, environment, water change, the smell of coffee, absence of your family and friends, different food and rules and regulations of that country may disturb you. It takes time to adjust to a new environment with new people, traditions, and culture.

Facilities related to Mental health/ mental illness in Australia

In Australia, a patient who is suffering from mental illness are called “consumers”. They have rights and choices concerning their health and treatment.

Can my mental illness affect my visa to Australia?

The answer is “No”. But in complicated cases, it may affect the visa procedure. However, read this complete guide to avoid any issues. A step-by-step guide to getting the visa for Australia

Ask doctors for help

General practitioners (GP’s) are the place where you should go first after diagnosing your mental health in Australia. Some GP’s have special training in Medicare, Australia and you can contact them on beyond blue on 1300 22 4636.

Medicare in Australia

Medicare is a health insurance scheme in Australia. The residents of Australia are eligible for the Medicare scheme with the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Residents of Australia
  2. Permanent residence
  3. New Zealand citizenship

Can Students ask for Medicare treatment in Australia?

If you are on a student visa in Australia, you cannot enjoy the facility of Medicare in Australia. in a study-based visa, you have to take care of your health on your own. Otherwise, you have to pay the high cost for the treatment.

Can a job holder ask for Medicare treatment in Australia?

If you have a working holiday visa, you may get basic medical treatment under the “Reciprocal agreement”. It’s an agreement between Australia and other countries for health care services.

Who can help you?

  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychologist
  • Hospitals
  • Interpreting service
  • AMES (Asylum seeker assistance seeker)
  • Community mental health
  • Support groups

Mental illness & recovery

  1. After the recovery, the patient realizes his full potential.
  2. He can cope with life’s stress easily.
  3. Work productivity enhances.
  4. He feels energetic
  5. He spends meaningful life

How to maintain a mental well-being?

  1. Developing communication skills
  2. Developing coping skills
  3. Taking sufficient sleep
  4. By being socially active
  5. Make new friends
  6. Change the environment
  7. Daily exercise
  8. By helping others
  9. Stay positive
  10. Professional help if needed