Mental Shift: Stop Wasting Energy Seeking Perfection

You should know everyone in the entire world has a mental battery that they use every day to get things done. Things like working, talking to people, etc. are only some examples that you can use to explain the use of the mental battery. So today we will be talking about why you should change your mind set to avoid wasting the mental battery in your body. So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

What Is A Mental Battery?

The mental battery is a term that is used to define the human body’s capacity to deal with the problems and issues of your life. This means that anything in the world that requires mental strength is going to use a portion of the mental capacity that a person has.

The thing is that everything that we do in our life requires a portion of the mental battery, and you have to understand that every problem in the world is going to require a different portion of a person’s mental battery.

Some people are bound to have a bigger battery while others are going to have a smaller one. So it is the responsibility of the person to try and save as much battery as possible to make sure that the person stays happy and charged.

How to Save Your Mental Battery?

If we are to consider the human body as a cellphone, the brain as the processor, and the mental capacity as the battery, then we can easily understand how a person can save the most amount of battery. We all know that the processor is responsible for managing every task the cellphone has to offer, and the processor does those tasks at the expense of the battery. So if you want to save as much battery as possible, then you are going to need to learn to do every task as fast and as efficiently as possible to make sure the processor does not use too much battery.

Similarly, the human brain is responsible for processing every task at the expense of the mental battery, you have to shift your thought process to make sure that you don’t use a lot of resources on one task.

Why Mental Battery Is Drained?

There are a lot of reasons that a mental battery is drained. The chief among them is that a person uses too much of their mind trying to chase perfection. For example, suppose you are trying to get your warehouse properly set up with lighting fixtures. You can spend all day trying to find the perfect angels so that you can get every square inch of your warehouse, or you can simply use LED high bay lights and get it done quickly and efficiently.

Men and women spend a lot of their mental battery trying to chase perfection, instead, people should change their mental processing to find ways to get things done quickly and efficiently saving a lot of time, energy, and mental battery.

How to Change the Mental Thought Process?

The thought process of a person is something that a person develops over time and is mostly fixed. But the great thing about the human mind is that it can change itself when the need arises. So you need to consciously feed new data that shows that work doesn’t need to be perfect to proceed. It can be good enough if it saves time and energy. This process needs to be repeated multiple times for your brain to adapt to it and change the thought process.