Instagram in public health

The year gone by has been the most distressing phase in the lives of most people who have experienced enormous mental stress while combating the pandemic and trying to cope with the new lifestyle filled with disruptions. However, the social media channels like Instagram gave enough hope and relief to these people, as they could stay connected with many others who shared similar experiences. Starting a campaign on Instagram and buying likes from Like4like have helped numerous people to cope with their stress in much better ways.

Here are some mental health accounts on Instagram that you should follow.

  • Lalah Delia

‘Vibrate higher, daily’ is the mantra of Lalah Delia as she plays the role of a meditation instructor and offers free discourse to people who require emotional support to heal their damaged minds. She shares valuable resources with her viewers while helping people practice guided meditation daily.

  • Tabitha Brown

The actress took to Instagram to support the distressed people hard hit by Covid19 by communicating with them to soothe their pain and provide encouragement with her perfectly timed words.  She ensures that the spirit of upliftment prevails in her presentation of vegan cooking videos along with various tips for self-care laced with hilarious wisdom.

  • Hannah Daisy

Artist and illustrator Hannah Daisy use her beautiful artwork to express her compassion and support for those confronting mental issues that push them towards a precipice. Her colorful creations on Instagram address a wide range of wellness topics, including depression, anxiety, self-care, and intrusive thoughts.   She is vocal about the cause of the LGBTQ community and highlights the struggles of people through her art.

  • Yung Pueblo

Yung Pueblo, whose real name is Diego Perez, is a poet passionate about mental wellness and meditation. By using simple but engaging imagery, he expresses his thoughts that inspire people to think deeper, analyze their relationships once again, reach higher or push you gently to show more kindness for yourself during the process of healing.

  • Lauren Ash

Black Girl in Om is a global platform founded by Lauren Ash that offers wellness workshops for black and women of color by practicing meditation, yoga, and journaling. Her Instagram account is resplendent with inspirational messages and tips about how to bring forth your very best life amid the surrounding gloom of the pandemic.

  • Nedra Glover Tawwab

Those searching for resources to better manage their mental issues would find Nedra Glover Tawwab’s Instagram account highly useful. Founder of ‘Kaleidoscope Counseling,’ she is a therapist who provides online and in-person therapy sessions. Her sessions teach you how to identify and stop self-sabotage, practice non-judgment and how to show support for your community during the pandemic.

  • Notes from your therapist

The lady behind the Insta account is Allyson Dinneen, the family and marriage therapist. The account provides various narratives that provide insights that you had never thought that you would need someday. The topics relate to boundaries, friendship, trauma, love, and more.

  • Rodrick Covington

Rodrick is the founder of a fitness and nutrition company Core Rhythm Fitness and is a Broadway actor. His company focuses on transforming the body, mind, and spirit. His personal social media feeds revolve around workouts, lessons on spirituality and gratitude, and positivity that you will find very much applicable in attaining your overall wellness.

  • Brian Chan

Brian Chan is an embodiment of inclusiveness; he proudly declares on his Instagram account that the pandemic has allowed us to learn and grow together. A wellness advocate and Yoga nerd, you can learn various Yoga techniques posted on his account.  He does not lose any opportunity to remind everyone about the importance of creating a life of intention and meaning.

  • Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn, a self-professed wellness practioner, believes in providing space to people to be themselves, as declared in her Insta bio. She adequately makes her intentions clear with the content she posts. Founder of the organization Underbelly Yoga, she wears many hats – a writer, yoga teacher, and an advocate for body positivity.

  • Alexandra Elle

Elle’s account provides a platform for sharing some glimpses of her journey while encouraging women to love themselves fully without any fear. A poet and wellness consultant, Elle wants to build a community through her meditation workshops and writing.

  • The Latest Kate

The Latest Kate account belongs to the artist Kate Allen who promotes self-care and body positivity through her original illustrations and adorable characters along with easy-to-understand tips for improving mental health. Her pep talks are worth listening that can lift your spirits daily.

  • Jessica Clemons

The New York based psychiatrist received Forbes’ recognition as a leader who contributed immensely in making health and wellness hold the center stage amid the pandemic. She works towards the de-stigmatization of mental illness within the Black community and shares advice through her televised therapy session on the channel VH1.

  • Lisa Olivera

To learn about self-love, growth, vulnerability, resilience, and more, catch up with the family and marriage therapist Lisa’s Instagram account. You might have already seen her shareable quote cards that pop up when you view tour friend’s Instagram Stories.

  • Joanna Konstantopoulou

The overlap of physical and mental health is Joanna’s activity, who is a UK-based Health Psychologist. She posts nutrition advice, mental health tips, and encouraging quotes with exclusive emphasis on self-care.

  • Bianca L Rodriguez

After struggling with her bouts of depression, anxiety, and alcoholism and finally coming out from it, Bianca has come forward to help others with their mental health issues. She uses her Instagram account to find like-minded souls that form a community that encourages introspection to gather the strength to become a complete person.

  • Christina Wolfgram

Christina‚Äôs Instagram account focuses on humor that she discovered during her mental health struggles, which have greatly helped her followers overcome the odds with a smile.  Although she relies on comedy content, she aims to support others who have a mental illness.

  • Sara Jayne Poletti

 Sara had some complex mental illness that she could not talk about until she became an adult because of the societal taboo that prohibited discussions. Now on her Instagram feed, she posts photos of everything from coffee to plants and mental health medications.

  • Heidi Williams

Having dealt with her mental health crisis successfully, Heidi started studying neuropsychology and trauma. She practices Yoga that occupies a large part of her Instagram feed and shares her advice in dealing with mental health through the captions.

  • Beth Brawley

Beth Brawly is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and her handwritten notes on Instagram are highly encouraging for those struggling with their mental health. Her posts end on a positive note as she poses her faith in her followers, who she believes can emerge winners.

You can follow the accounts mentioned above to catch up with the latest in the field of mental health.