Brian C Jensen

The recent news is dominated by the COVID-19 vaccine and how it is slowly and surely bringing down the infection rate and numbers. However, according to Brian C Jensen, mental anxiety and the lack of wellness can never be addressed by vaccines’ development. So, it would be best if you strived for personal wellness and betterment to maintain your overall health.

Brian C Jensen on asking for help whenever it is needed

The pandemic has proved to us that it becomes incredibly tricky to think straight and avoid negative thoughts during these unprecedented times. If you are feeling isolated, you need to bring in your friends and family for support. However, make sure that you maintain social distancing when and wherever applicable.

Here are some of the practical tips that will allow you to maintain your health and wellness.


Always maintain a degree of focus on the source of information. Keep in mind that there are disturbing news items almost on every network, and not all of them are true. So, make sure to believe only when the source is authentic.

Personal care

Personal care is the ultimate care. Keep in mind that both the mind and the body are machines, and fatigue is, therefore, a real thing. Take good self-care to remove all the negative thoughts from your mind and body.

Follow the WHO guidelines

Keep in mind that the onus is on you to stop the spread of the virus. Even though you alone cannot control the spread, but it is vital to do your bit and follow the WHO guidelines/protocols.

Focus on the “possible”

You can start by creating a list of all that you can change and things that are beyond your control through these troubled times. Try and work towards contributing to society by stopping the spread of the virus. Keep in mind that closing your eyes and staying blind to the problem will not do any good to anyone.

In case you develop symptoms

In case of the worst-case scenario of experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, contact your primary healthcare provider immediately. Depending on the severity of the condition, you might need to check into the emergency room. So, be prepared and stay vigilant.

Sleep and rest

Due to the palpable anxiety in the environment around us, it is crucial to rest and recharge the body along with the mind. Keep in mind that adequate rest and sleep boost the energy levels and the immunity of the body. So, make sure you are sleeping for at least 8-hours per night.

Remove your worries

Lastly, you need to take active interests in programs and events that will take your mind off the anxiety and the worries. Remember that anxiety gives rise to depression, and it is vital to remove all traces of negativity from the system. Join an online yoga session, meditation class, or go for exercises to feel refreshed. Keep in mind strange times may also call for exceptional measures – make sure to go for counseling and psychological advice to take care of the fragile mind.

COVID-19 left most of us feeling overwhelmed. Ensure our checklist to take care of your mental and physical wellness in 2021.