Just What Is Metaphysics? What Metaphysical Properties Do Crystals Have?

Metaphysics is the philosophy that investigates principles of reality transcending those of any particular science. In most cases this may be about spirits, faith healing, healing properties or energies of rocks, minerals and crystals, etc.

Pretty and practical – crystals are becoming increasingly popular in the world of alternative healing

The field of alternative healing is pervasive, and the practice known as crystal healing is quite complicated as well. Luckily, we are here to explain to you precisely what it entails, in a language we mere mortals can understand. In a nutshell, crystal healing is a therapeutic technique that utilizes stones and crystals as healing tools.

Since the time of the ancient Egyptians, people have had an unquenchable love for all that glitters. According to many ancient cultures (such as the Hopi Indians, the Hawaiian, and the Chinese), crystals and gems have the power to heal. People who believe in crystal healing say that it can act as a remedial (healing) force and that it can bring about positive changes in one’s life.

Precisely what this practice involve? Crystals, effectively, are rocks, but they are the basis of our foundation in life, and everything we have in life has a frequency or vibration to something. Some are slow, and some are fast.” There is the potential of working with crystals because they allow energy to flow – think of the quartz in your watch – they can emit energy.

When crystals connect with a person, and they are used together in a healing session, they will resonate or vibrate a frequency, and what that does is it amplifies any intention. Crystals assist and facilitate in the healing process. The stones/crystals will entrain vibrations across to you [the client]. Whatever is placed as an intention will turn around and embroider and grow.

The Metaphysical Importance Of Chakras Explained

One often hears of ‘chakras’ in the body, but the complicated explanation that usually follows leaves us even more confused.

Chakras are essential in the world of crystal healing because they correspond with specific parts of our body. A straightforward way of understanding chakras is to see your body as a house. If one looks at the bones and blood – that is the bricks and water of the house, so the meridians (pathways through which energy flows) are the internal wires of the house, and chakras – the power points.

There are seven primary chakras, and we have to plug into them to help us process our emotions. The signal will travel all along the meridians to get it around the body, for the body to function.

Sometimes there are blockages in the meridian lines, and then an emotional issue will come out, and it won’t get resolved – and it blocks the chakras. People then often start to feel out of sorts, and they can’t understand why. As healers and teachers, we help to open those energetic channels to make sure that they are free flowing so that you have got the full potential of your universal and spiritual self and the working of your physical and emotional self.

However, my religion might be compromised!

Most of us did not just start practicing crystal healing; we are drawn to the stones – it was almost as if they chose us. We just became fascinated with them and gradually began to sense something, an “energy.” This might sound very strange, and people will most probably step back and say, “Whoa! This weird practice is against my religion!”However, crystal healing is a complementary practice to modern medicine. If one’s religion is ‘ok’ with medicine and holistic health, then working with crystals should be just as acceptable.

It’s funny when people we discuss crystal healing with often turn around and say “Oh, I’m a Christian!” As to infer we are not. It’s like having a conversation with someone about pain relievers and discussing Tylenol, Aleve, and Bayer. All of a sudden someone blurts out, “Oh, I’m a Christian.” And yes, it is just that absurd. If you look, there is a common denominator between all types of holistic healing, just like there is in religion.

Why would anyone go for crystal healing?

Who would benefit from crystal healing? Anyone can benefit from it. If you can tell me that there is somebody out there who is running on 100% mind, body and soul – happy in everything that’s going on in their lives – then they wouldn’t need it.

Majority of people have recognized that there is something wrong and they don’t know what it is. They feel out of sorts, and their energy is low, they’re short-tempered, they feel heavy, their limbs don’t move the way they want them to, and they can’t put their finger on it.

Life is an emotional journey.

Many emotional issues that a person might have will manifest themselves in the physical body. For example, if you are feeling depressed after the death of a family member or the break-up of a romantic relationship, you might eat a lot more or less than usual, and this will affect your physical health. No matter the magnitude of the emotional trauma, it is sure to set into your physical self at some point.

An emotional issue will take about two years to set into the physicality, and the reason why it does that is that the body’s only way of telling you that your mind needs to address something is to communicate through the pain – it is the only way we pay attention to. Each part of the body will turn around and tell you ‘look at this,’ that is what happens.”

Crystal Therapy – Healing With Crystals And Gemstones

Usually, a raised, adjustable bed with borders is used to practice crystal healing, and the crystals are placed around the perimeters, but Susan prefers to make the client more comfortable. “You come in for your pajama party,” she jokes. She assesses the situation before starting, she has a very intuitive personality, and then she considers what needs to be looked at.

She chooses her crystals accordingly, but mentions that she does not necessarily adopt them, they accept her. “Most people have recognized that there is a property for a crystal, for example, Amethyst is for protection, but to me, any crystal can be used for anything,” she explains.

So she will lie you down and make you comfortable – usually, she will have a short session before the treatment where she explains everything and asks questions. The crystals are placed around the client to draw out negative energy, be it imbalance, disharmony, etc.

These crystals are usually facing away from the body, to draw the power ‘out’ (that is the therapist’s intention, and the crystals magnify the purpose).

During this process, you will go into a pre-meditative state. Susan mentions that some people would want to open their eyes and talk to her, but afterward said that they couldn’t. “You lie there, you sleep, but you are not asleep, because you hear what’s going on around you,” she adds. You will suddenly wake up and “that is when you know the crystals have done what they intended to do.”

The crystals are then removed, and another set of crystals will be placed around you, depending on what you want to fill the “hole” that the previous crystals created with. You can choose a zestful life, happiness, peace, anything you want. This time, the points of the crystals are facing inwards, towards you.

The second time you lie down (for the session that ‘fills the hole’), you will find that it is much quicker, and you don’t go into such a deep pre-meditative state. You are essentially more relaxed. When the session is entirely over, different people react differently. “It depends on the personal journey each time. I’ve always had people come out afterward and say ‘I feel so different, I feel light’ and walk away. Afterward, they would say ‘Oh wow, it stayed with me, I enjoyed it, and I must come and do it again,’” Susan states.

Risks Or Contra-Indications Of Healing With Crystals

Although there are no medications and physical procedures involved, there are still some risks involved with crystal healing.

Susan has a particular criterion before she starts treating someone. She first asks them to fill in a form – she wants to know about medications, allergies, family history, etc. She ‘asks general questions’ and gives us examples by saying that “if somebody is going for aesthetics, I do not give them [treatment], and if they have just come out of anesthetics I will not give them [treatment] for at least three days.”

Why? “Because it [the treatment] will magnify whatever is in their body – that’s why we need to know what medication they are on.”

Clients are also advised not to drink [alcohol] before the treatment or for a few days after – if they are going to drink after the procedure they must do so in moderation. “You always have to be aware – I place my intention without harm – and there are some things I can’t see, so I ask them to check, just to ensure that they go away without harm.”

All’s well that ends well.

No scientific evidence proves that crystal healing has any effect on humans or even animals. It has been said that the feelings of change that anyone experiences could be attributed to the placebo effect – if you believe something to be accurate or to be working, it is, or it will be so. Susan also thinks that faith and belief plays a big part in the workings of crystal healing.

Still, people in need of spiritual and emotional help often turn to holistic healers, and there is no reason not to. “We [just] want to give balance and peace of mind,” Susan says.

10 Popular Stones And Healing Crystals

For centuries, healing stones and crystals have been used to release spiritual, physical, and mental blockages keeping people from accelerating in life, business, and relationships.

For just as long, many people have wondered if crystals have healing powers, and while there are many anecdotes describing the curative effects of healing stones, gemstones, and crystals having healing properties that help to balance the body, mind, and spirit. How can you decide which crystal is best for you?

Starting out it is best to choose from the list of top healing stones and crystals.

  1. Emerald: This beautiful green stone is said to be helpful for any afflictions involving the mind. Also said to be a ‘love’ stone, the emerald can promote love and harmony.
  2. Moonstone: Known as the ‘women’s health stone,’ the moonstone protects during pregnancy and controls things such as hormonal balance and menstrual cycles.
  3. Rose Quartz: This lovely pink stone is said to be the protector during childbirth. Rumour has it; it can increase sexual function and slow down the aging process.
  4. Aquamarine: Those who are experiencing grief could benefit from this stone, and it could also help you understand complicated situations.
  5. Diamond: The most famous stone is the diamond, it is, and it could also increase personal clarity.
  6. Mother of pearl: The name almost says it all. This stone is a protective stone, and it imitates the love of a mother.
  7. Opal: The opal is said to make you see more possibilities and discover a broader view. When you feel trapped in a situation – this stone is said to have a freeing effect.
  8. Ruby: Just as the color signifies, the ruby is the stone of love. It is rumored to open the heart and help a person overcome fear.
  9. Sapphire: If you are carrying around a lot of mental baggage and you do not have mental clarity, you could use this lovely blue stone, maybe as a necklace.
  10. Tanzanite: When you are facing many changes and challenges in your life, you might need to bring tanzanite into your life, it is said to uplift and open the heart.

Healing crystals can also be placed in jewelry, like chakra and gemstone bracelets, necklaces, and even watches.

You can choose a zestful life, happiness, peace, anything you want.