Having the right team is crucial for the growth of your business. If everyone isn’t on the same page, there could be issues with growth, revenue, and long term success of your brand. How do you form the right team for your brand while successfully scaling? Metropolitan Group Home Exteriors discusses their tips they have used through the years to successfully become one of Colorado’s highest reviewed home repair contractors.

Owned by the King family, the same family that founded King Soopers. Troy King has been a successful contractor for decades. His years of experience has given an abundance of knowledge on who he looks for when scaling his team.

Troy always looks for individuals that have the same mindset as himself. He is always on time and prompt with any appointments that he makes with clients. He follows up and discusses matters each step of the way. If someone isn’t able to commit to doing what’s right for the customer, Troy has no interest in adding them to the team.

Troy also believes that current successful members of his team are great assets for referrals for other team members. Friends and close associates often have the same mindset, they have similar quality and often make ideal candidates for employment states Troy.

To fast track someone that has just joined the team, Troy believes in immediately working with the employee to implement the company values of Metropolitan Group Home Exteriors and what the best practices are to immediately create good habits. This involves work ethic, interacting with customers, and cleaning up the work area.

After a demonstrated work ethic is established, this gives the opportunity for team members to move into leadership roles to further advance the company and to help other team members delivery a great customer experience.

Troy King has an amazing track record of assisting customers in the Denver Colorado area with home contracting repairs. His company has dozens of positive reviews and an AAA rating from the BBB from the outstanding customer service experience that he delivers. You can read more about Metropolitan Group Home Exteriors by visiting www.mgdenver.com