There is a saying that “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.” People who shine through such phases get to understand the need and want that makes you push through.

Darris Robins, CEO of Mic Check Global, has a similar story, and the work and effort that he has put in building this organization are impressive and exemplary. Darris Robins, born in St. Louis went to college at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, but he wasn’t there for long. Being an amateur artist and musician, he dropped out of college due to financial problems. A prodigy for his generation, Darris used to create his own pieces of music. The beginning was humble, and his own music was only limited to his friends and family.

After dropping out, he had a massive educational loan that wasn’t going nowhere. He had approximately $100K in student loan that needed to be paid. Being only a 19 year old, he had put too much on his plate. But never did he lose his aim and focus. Every molecule and atom of his body was dedicated to his love for music.

Darris, after his dropout year, started selling and marketing his own music. After having a solid number of followers, he was able to outreach the local talents and add more artists to his network. He began freelancing work for his peers and started an online interview/vlog series for local artists around his town.

November 2013 was a significant step he took by embarking into the business of marketing and created Mic Check Global. The primary focus and objective of this organization were to market local and unrecognized artist, and creatives helping them grow socially depending upon their demographics. This whole devised process will help them to convert their product/art into sales and grow their businesses locally as well as globally.

Their first official overseas address was Cebu, Philippines in 2018. The motive was to build a solid foundation with the vast untouched talent in Asia. This venture has a plan. 

Mic Check Global will be the first of this kind of organization that helps local artists to develop into full-time artists and entrepreneurs.  

Currently, Mic Check Global has sponsored many underprivileged students to attend private schools. These students never lacked any talent but were short of finance, and Darris & his partners at Mic Check Global are making it possible for them and helping them grow. They have a goal to sponsor 100 students through scholarships by 2020. 

Steve Cardenas and Jason Faunt, actors of the Power Rangers TV series, are some of the famous celebrity clients that Mic Check Global helped grow.
Mic Check Global with CEO Darris Robins with exceptional skills and experience with the field of work have been productive in collecting clients from over 10 countries over the world. There is much more to come from them in the future, and the amount of respect they have gained is unparalleled.