Michael Borja

Michael Borja is a medical sales professional with over eight years of experience. With a passion for tackling technically difficult subjects and finding creative ways to help people understand them, Michael Borja is a trusted sales representative for a leading medical technology company.

Working in the healthcare and medical technology space requires more than just spreadsheets and statistics, it demands empathy, sensitivity and understanding. It is not the skills typically taught in school or on the job, it is learned and practiced at home, with one’s friends and loved ones. Only when internalized deeply can these qualities emerge when sitting down with clients and business partners.

I recently had the chance to sit down with Michael Borja and learn about where he gets his motivation and inspiration.

“When I was growing up, my father would come home from working as a surgeon as I was winding down for the night. He would somehow still have the energy to spend quality time with me, but it was difficult for me to understand how he stayed engaged through all those years. Even though he is well past retirement age, he continues to work, and I often have people come up to me telling me how awed they were over the decades seeing first-hand the tremendous daily effort he put into healing people.

Now that I am the proud father of Grayson (age four) and Harper (age two), I have gained a deeper understanding of what motivated my father. I feel the call to serve others with every bit of effort I can summon, and I want to teach my children the same lessons my father taught me. That honesty, hard work, and a drive to be of service is what transforms an ordinary job into a vocation.

The value of a strong work ethic contributes to my enjoying challenging projects that engage my analytical and problem-solving skills. Additionally, I have both a technical and sales background and have become adept at focusing intensely on a project over a long period of time. I enjoy working in roles where being empathetic and extroverted are critical to success. As a Registered Client Service Representative at several of the most prestigious financial firms in Miami, I serviced client’s needs with a “do whatever it takes” attitude, offering them my cell phone number and enthusiastically helping them outside of regular business hours. I work well as part of a team because of my positive disposition and willingness to be flexible in how I can contribute, whether it’s by delegating judiciously, being a subject matter expert, or learning new skills to better help my clients.

Miami is the city I grew up in, and it is my long-term goal to stay here. I have deep roots in the community and have tried to give back to the city I love by participating in several local organizations like Business Networking International. I have been an ambassador for the Miami Bridge Foundation for over seven years. I was elected Finance Chair for New Leaders Council Miami, a development program for young leaders with a vested interest in Miami. I was also on the Finance committee of the Board for Catalyst Miami, a non-profit dedicated to connecting and empowering communities with resources like health services, education, and work programs that they need to thrive.

Other activities I have enjoyed include playing Ultimate Frisbee (I played at the national level when I was younger). I currently participate in long-distance runs like the Miami Half marathon and the Table Rock 50k Trail Run.”